With the Delhi Metro expanding its network, it will be among the ten largest (in terms of number of stations) Metro services in the world by 2016. According to officials, Delhi Metro, which is presently the 13th largest with 142 stations, will emerge as the seventh largest in the world soon with new stations coming up under Phase III.

After the completion of Phase III, the Delhi Metro network will have 232 stations which will make it only the seventh city in the world to have more than 200 Metro stations.

Till now, New York subway has 422 Metro stations covering an area of about 371 sq km, while Paris subway has 301 stations covering a distance of 215 km. The Seoul Metro has 293 Metro stations covering a distance of 317 km.

The Tokyo subway has 274 stations covering about 317 km. While the London underground has 270 Metro stations covering 402 km, Shanghai Metro ranks sixth, as it has 234 stations covering 424 kilometre.

The Delhi Metro will rank the seventh with 232 Metro stations by 2016 covering 330 km. After Delhi Metro, Moscow ranks eighth with a total number of 185 stations covering 305 km. Beijing has 172 Metro stations covering about 336 km, while Hong Kong has 155 Metro stations covering a distance of about 211 km.

In Asia, Delhi will have the highest number of Metro stations after Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul.

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