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Full Version: Rail Transport In India Need an Independent Safety Organization and Rail Regulator
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Dear Comrades,

Indian Railway Loco Running men Organisation (IRLRO) is Non-Political Trade Union Front of Loco Pilots in India, and I as Central Working President put before all my fellow railwaymen and all stake holders the following issues.

The accident graph of Indian Railways is such that in Public Domain, We have sufficient reasons to believe that time has come to review the state of rail regulations to make Indian Railways accident free, or Zero Accident Transport.

Kindly go through the following opinions of the organisation and see the merit to support this in larger public interest.

IRLRO submits That almost all the Train accidents and endangering of Rail safety are Mainly due to the following reasons

Part – I : Regulation (Present State of Rail Safety Regulation)

EXTERNAL: (outside Indian Railways)

1. The railway safety is not directly under any public authority control. Like Indian Railways is not answerable to any public authority on accidents.

2. The CCRS – under Ministry of Civil Aviation does not have any executive powers to prosecute and issue orders on Indian Railways.

3. The CCRS is a toothless organisation with role for certain inspections, investigations and annual report to parliamentary committee on railway safety.

4. CCRS draws its officials from Indian railways and they have retirement interests attached with Railways.

INTERNAL (Within Railway Board)
5. Railways have Safety Directorate working under The Railway Board.

6. The Safety Officers of Division, Zone and Railway Board are reporting to their business heads DRM/GM /Chairman, therefore business interests takes precedence over safety.

7. The Chairman railway Board being business Head of Indian Railways is also The Secretary To Govt of India with Administrative Powers to Govern This country. There fore it is not answerable to the Public Directly.

8. The Decisions taken as Business Head (CRB), Evades Public Scrutiny and accountability being Ex-Officio Principal Secy. To Govt. Of India.
Duality of powers seen no-where else.

9. Even the recommendations of The Parliamentary Committee on railways some times do not see the light of the day.

10. With these duality of powers Indian Railways have successfully denied to implement the orders of the Regional Labour Commissioner – Bangalore – to conduct Job Analysis of Train Drivers.

11. The Govt. Of India- Ministry of Labour Signed an agreement on 13-08-1973 with Train drivers category, that was greeted and welcomed by even the Parliament of India- and due to this very duality of powers the same agreement is denied by The Indian Railways to be implemented.

In all, There is no provisions in the present regulations where Indian Railways is responsible / answerable to any out side authority. All that happens remains inside.

kindly also visit for detailed opinion,

IRLRO understands though the subject lengthy and the target goal is very difficult to achieve, because of the nature of the Indian railways being the most economical and fast public transport, for this developing country with political reasons to the extent that for a train stoppage political parties argue in support in The Parliament.

But Time have come with the advent of other Railway coming through Govt. and corporations route, sooner we shall see changes of ownership patterns of these railways, I Mean DMRC, Konkan Railways, City Specific Metro's, and Up-coming Rail Infrastructure Companies.

IRLRO thinks that with limited funds for expansion and limited 70000 route kilometers and serving only 02 crore passengers per day out of a population of 120 crore, and all public transports bursting at seams, it is only matter of some time in near future the rail transport is opened up for private sector. Then it would be required to have public / Direct Govt Control to regulate the Rail transport.

Let us propagate and fasten the process to achieve some respite from regressive and anti-safety HOER of policies of Safety Category employees of Indian Railways those are forced into upto 12 hrs and more like bonded labor were forced in 19th and 20th century before ILO.

one of the major achievements shall be that the rail regulator shall have to fix upper limit of Duty hours of Safety Category employees in Public Safety interest at par with international standards.

One more achievement shall be that Indian Railway shall have to do some extra efforts to retain qualified and efficient employees, as Indian Railways shall be the only source of bulk supply of Trained Labour for new rail infrastructure companies for all the eight operating departments.

I am not joking, find out your self DMRC / Konkan Railways / Reliance Infra / State Power houses / Ports all draw man power from Indian Railways Employee base, some working/some retired/some re-repatriated/some on deputation.

Indian Railway also need and shall have to employee better managers with minimum MBA / PGBMA / Equivalent degrees, to match the managerial expertise of Private Rail Infra. companies.
Then perhaps we can expect a GM and DRM not exploited on financial renumeration, as no where in the world of business management, a manager of 40000 employees base is paid as less as a DRM (Hardly 1 Lac p.m.,) and a manager of 1 Lac employees(GM) drawing less than 1.5 lac per month. the present financial Renumeration of Manager of this status is into crores and ESOP (employee stock option plan).

The progressive approach of IRLRO shall hopefully get ground and your worthy attention.

We shall appreciate your patronage of the cause.

Thanks and Regards

Sanjay Kumar pandhi
Central Working President
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