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Full Version: One Pass each for Duronto/Rajadhani/Shatabdi with 4-berths suggested
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Instructions were issued vide Board's letter No. E(W)2000PS5-1/17 dated 07/09/2000 (RBE No. 158/2000) on the subject - Entitlement for travel by Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains on Duty/ Privilege/ Post-retirement Complimentary Passes-
(Reference: Board's letter of even number dated 09.06.2000 (RBE 109/2000).)
Entitlement to travel on each privilege and post-retirement complimentary pass :
That other serving and retired First Class pass holders will be allowed ‘One berth in 2-AC’ or ‘two berths in 3-AC’ or “Two seats in Chair Car” (Shatabdi Exp).
This way we are just feeling the essence of “Rajadhani/Duronto/Shatabdi trains” and when will be able to taste it. There is one way out – either we have to leave our family behind or leave the children.
Hence my request is to suggest for
“One Pass each for Duronto/Rajadhani/Shatabdi ” trains with 4 berths in each case be allowed.
Why such restriction is required ? Such restriction shoul be avoided at least for non-peak period. If necessary, Railways can charge for the food facility for free pass holders.
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