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Full Version: Various aspects of Rail Engineers
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A number of PowerPoint Slideshows, which, though not professionally created, had all the elements of such creations, were presented by Er. M. Shanmugam, CP, IRTSA, Er. K.V. Ramesh, ACT, IRTSA, Er. Sujith Kumar, SE, which were highly appreciated by all those who were present there. We take this opportunity to post on our Website, the said Slideshows, so that our readers, users and visitors, who could not attend the Conference, may also go through the contents of the Slideshows and benefit from the same. We would also appreciate if such Presentations are prepared on various aspects of Indian Railways, Duties and Responsibilities of the various categories and welfare of the Railways Engineering Community.

It will accord us immense pleasure to post the efforts of our brethren on our Website for all others to gain there from. So, let's all of us put our creative energies in preparing such presentations and mail the same to Webmaster at or for further action thereon.

To access the Slideshows, click on the following Link:

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