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Full Version: Discussion on change in the name of IRTSA
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The following comments have been posted by a colleague in the Guest Book:

Dear Shri Harchandan Singh ji,

It is indeed a great pleasure to know about some days back.

I was recruited in Central Railway in year 2000 as Section Engineer (Telecom) and am currently working as Assistant Programmer in CAMTECH, Indian Railways, Gwalior.

This site has some very good features like Front page display of latest orders, latest Rly. Bd. circulars etc. Besides this i also found LDCE question bank which is not easily gettable.

I just want to give a little suggestion about our Association name. We are Engineers not Supervisors, a term which is always used by Class I to belittle us. Therefore it will be great if our association can be called as "Indian Railways Engineers Association".

Always with our combined cause.

Ashish Telang

The proposal to change the name of IRTSA, has been under consideration for quite some time to reflect the status as Engineers.

But we first wanted the unification of IRTSA & AIREF to be finalised in view of the ongoing process for the same - to avoid the need for any further change after merger.

Now that the AIREF does not want to pursue the process of Unity, the proposal for change of name of IRTSA will be considered in the next meeting of CEC IRTSA - to be held in the last week of June, 2009, at Delhi (for which the notice shall soon be issued).


Er. Subir Ray from Western Railway, Mumbai, wrote as under:

In my opinion, there is no harm in changing the name. IRTSA stands for Indian Railway Traffic Service Association also which is managing train operation & commercial service of Indian Railways.. We can explore such a name where the the word of 'Federation' as well as 'Association' both are involved like "Federation of Railway Supervisors Association" or "Federation of Railway Engineers Association". This is purely my personal view. Once we know that the Unity is must for betterment of our category, then an open Forum consisting of Office Bearers of both IRTSA & AIREF can be organised in a suitable location for further discussion.

(Subir Ray)

Your suggestions are good and shall be considered in the next meeting of CEC IRTSA - to be held in the last week of June, 2009, at Delhi (for which the notice shall soon be issued)

Subject: Change of name of our Association IRTSA.
Date: Monday, July 20, 2009, 10:47 PM


Being our bonding of 44 years with the name of our Association IRTSA, it is very difficult to think to change it now. However, in the era of global change we should accept it as need of hour and do our sincere efforts in this regard.

My suggestions on the subject are attached herewith, I hope needful action from your able leadership.

ZS/ W.Rly

The Proposal sent by Er. R.B. Singh can be downloaded from this Link too.


IRTSA encompasses all Technical Supervisors including CMT & Stores staff who are not designated as Engineers.
If the name of IRTSA is changed to IRSEA, it would not connote to include CMT & Stores staff.
Our job is mainly Technical Supervision and there is nothing inferior with the name of IRTSA.
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