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Full Version: Grant of incentive for acquiring higher qualification
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(02-14-2010 09:32 AM)Administrator Wrote: [ -> ]

Last call for suggestions reg addition or deletion of qualifications Grant of incentive for acquiring higher qualification

Incentive should be given as increment, not as a fixed monetary benefit.
most of our engineers are adding their qualifications in MBA & MCA.This should be included in the list of additional qualification acquiring by Technical supervisors.


Dear Mr.Ashok Kumar,

Well said. We, a group of supervisors in Southern Railway who have joined the course during the currency of the increment scheme are fighting for getting back the benefit. Please see my post in "Service matters - Grievences and Queries" - as "Incentive in the form of increment for acquiring higher technical qualification" .

If you belong to our case, please contact through phone.

Treasurer -IRTSA-GOC Workshops
Southern Railway
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