‘If you do it, do it from the heart’

S D Sharma



Architect SD Sharma is a known name in the Chandigarh circle. Sharma has been part of many landmark projects in the city—Rose Garden with its special bridge, oblisces, water fountains, commemorating cubes; Emergency block, Advanced Paediatric Centre at PGI; the Government Museum and Art Gallery; Pracheen Kala Kendra — and other prestigious ones spread across the nation.

Active at 80, Sharma has been part of the team of architects when Chandigarh was being created out of a desolate land. He recalls the beginning, “I wasn’t sure if it was architecture I wanted to pursue as a profession. I knew big names like Le Corbusier with a team would be coming to Chandigarh and saw it as a great learning opportunity.” The work interested him. He was with the team from 1963 to 1973. “That was the time when architecture, as a profession, got a fillip in India,” says Sharma.

Pracheen Kala Kendra

Pracheen Kala Kendra, Sector 35-B, Chandigarh

His next stint was as the chief architect in the Department of Space, Government of India. With a territory spread over from Srinagar to Andaman Nicobar, Sharma recalls this time as significant as it gave him the freedom to put all his creativity and potential to use. Sharma started his private practice in 1980 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Premier projects, honours, accolades have poured in. Apart from designing houses, hotels, institutes and city centres, Sharma has been writing as well. He shares his mantras of success…

Basic character: What you become in life has a lot to do with values that one has inculcated during the growing- up years. Let not the trials and tribulations of life deviate you from the right path.

Total involvement: It’s the total involvement that matters. What you are trying to achieve should come from the heart and not forced from outside forces.

Keep learning: If you are looking for success, it has to be a lifetime of learning. Be a student throughout. ‘Lot yet to do’ should be the approach.

Evolve with time: It’s not only the material success that counts. But also mental and spiritual. Being in harmony with one’s physical, mental and spiritual success is a true indicator of achievement.

Pass it on: It’s one’s duty to pass on the knowledge and skills acquired with time to the coming generation. Just like one learns from the experiences of the last generation, it’s also one’s responsibility to be part of youth’s learning process!


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