Always stay in touch with your friends


One day we will all be sitting and thinking hard about life ——
How it changed from simple school/college life to strict professional life!
how pocket money changed to huge monthly pay cheques, but gives less happiness!
how a few local jeans changed to new branded wardrobe, but less occasions to use them!

how a single plate of samosa changed to a full Pizza, but less hunger!
how a Bike always in a reserve, changed to a car always on, but less places to go!
how a cup of tea by roadside, changed to CCD, Barista, Cafe Costa etc., but it feels as if the shop is far away!
how a general class journey, changed to flight journey, but less vacations for enjoyment! and many more–

May be this the truth of journey is called “LIFE”.
Dedicated to all my friends who are lost in their own life.

So always stay in touch with your friends. – HS

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