Her leg lost, she draws inspiration from someone like her

Deepkamal Kaur
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, May 4
Having lost her leg after being hit by an underage driver about a month-and-a-half ago, Arti Shree Singh (24) draws inspiration from the one-legged dancing wonder, Shubhreet Kaur, who came to fame after participating in India’s Got Talent.

“I was shattered and in pain after the leg amputation when a DAV College professor came to me and showed me videos of Shubhreet on her phone. Not being a TV buff, I hadn’t watched her show earlier. I was bowled over her one-leg movements. I thought that if she could be so cheerful, gritty and live her life to the fullest after a similar loss, so could I be,” Arti said.

“The professor made me talk to Shubhreet on her phone. She counselled me for 20 minutes and said she would come to meet me as soon as she finished off her shows. She gave me her phone number and said I could call her anytime when I felt let down,” said Arti, who stays at her one-room rented accommodation in the New Raj Nagar locality here.

Arti recalls the day, “I was off from my dress designer job at a private company in the sports complex here since it was Holi. I had gone to a shop near my house to buy some cloth for stitching my shirt. I was just 100 m off my place when an Innova car, driven by an underage driver, bumped into my leg, ruining my life forever.”

A graduate in economics, she said she was peeved over the fact that the law is helpless for underage culprits. “The Nirbhaya case was so much debated about with suggestions coming in for strengthening the law, but when it comes to questioning the accused of below 18 years, everyone becomes helpless. I have penned a script on the matter and wish to suggest the same to Aamir Khan for his Satyamev Jayete series,” she said.

“The family of the accused gave us Rs 3 lakh as compensation, which was used during the month-long hospitalisation,” said her mother Geeta Devi.

Hailing from Muzzafarpur in Bihar, Arti’s family had moved to Jalandhar about seven years ago for better prospects. Her parents are not working and she being the eldest of all had been fulfilling the family needs. After her illness, the onus to run the family has come on her brother, who has started working as a footwear designer.

She said, “My problem is somewhat worse than Shubhreet. My left arm does not work properly. Doctors have tried to rectify the problem surgically, but I need to undergo a long physiotherapy session before being able to restart my career. People have been offering me sitting jobs, but I do not want a job on sympathetic grounds. I am consulting a doctor for an artificial limb. My uncle Narinder Singh has talked to representatives of the Red Cross Society, which might provide me the required financial assistance.”

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