Woman of substance

Rajni Bector, the brain behind Cremica, shares how she rose amid trying circumstances

Rajni Bector had no more than a minute to name the brand that she led from a meagre Rs 300 to a turnover of around Rs 600 crore. One of the directors and more of a mentor of Cremica group, Bector’s is a true success story from the region. This entrepreneur from Ludhiana established a huge empire when women from ‘good’ houses did not work.

“It all started when my children were away to hostel. Alone in a large house, I took succour in cooking and organising parties,” shares Bector. Her cooking got popular among friends, especially the ice-creams. Encouraged by family and friends to turn her passion for cooking into her profession, Bector started making ice-creams from her kitchen. Orders started pouring from close ones whom she couldn’t refuse. Demand grew so much that she had to move from her kitchen to her backyard to put up a small ice-cream plant. “It was then that my husband, a businessman himself, suggested registering the company. ‘Do it properly’ he said and asked me the name for the concern. I asked him to give me some time before I could come up with a suitable name, but he would hear none of it. I was working with cream that time, so ‘Cremica’ was born,” shares Bector.

Ice-cream led to bread, biscuits and then children came back finishing their studies and joined Bector. Then came McDonalds’ prestigious order and work further diversified to buns, sauce, namkeen and is growing with each year. Today, Cremica supplies to the Army, railways and exports as well.

“The beginning wasn’t easy. It was looked down upon if women worked, but my husband gave me unconditional support and so did my father-in-law. He said, ‘Do what gives you happiness’,” remembers Bector.

Today, she is more of a mentor for Cremica and spends a larger part of her time in looking after her associates. Her factories have addresses all around the country with some 5,000 workers manning operations. When Bector is not looking after her concern or her family, she is helping the less privileged ones.

And what is she looking forward to in life? “To ensure that my family stays together and charts a new course of success,” she says. This woman with a vision shares her success mantras with our readers.

Work is worship

These are no simple words. Treat your work as a prayer and you will sure be rewarded with success.

Listen to others

‘I am right’ attitude is unfavourable for success. Listen to others if you want to grow.

Strive for perfection

Don’t let complacency set in. There is always scope for improvement. Keep striving to better your work.

Put the best effort

Never compromise on quality. I use only the best available ingredients in my products. Similarly, invest in the best resources to get the best results.

Be genuine to yourself and others

Bluffing doesn’t work. Be true to your inner consciousness and also people you work with. Let not success turn you headstrong. Be humble, let success only fuel the desire to strive better!

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