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For three Ropar villages, he is the water 'messiah' - Administrator - 03-03-2011 08:00 AM

For three Ropar villages, he is the water 'messiah'

Megha Mann

Tribune News Service

Balbir Singh, a resident of Railon Khurd village in Ropar district, points to the water meter installed in a house
Balbir Singh, a resident of Railon Khurd village in Ropar district, points to the water meter installed in a house. Tribune photo: S Chandan

Railon Khurd (Ropar), March 2
Riding on his cycle with determination, 85-year-old ex-serviceman Balbir Singh brought 24 hours drinking water supply to three villages of Paprala, Railob Khurd and Rasulpur.

It's Balbir's determination that has brought a World Bank-assisted project right on the doorstep of 350 households in these villages, all of which now enjoy the uninterrupted treated water supply.
"It was in 2006, when I got water samples of the village tested. It revealed that water was unfit for human consumption. Consequently, I raised the issue with government departments, but no one responded," said Balbir, who had retired from the Army 45 years ago.

Thereafter, Balbir came to know about the project and started convincing villagers to contribute 10 per cent of the funds. "It was necessary to tell villagers that the water they were using was unfit and just 10 per cent contribution can lead to wonders,? Balbir added. The task was an uphill with most of villagers refusing to part with Rs 1,500 per family. Balbir decided to collect money in three instalments and the trick succeeded.

General secretary and treasurer of the Gram Panchayat Water Supply Committee (GPWSC), Balbir sought loan from a gurdwara of village to meet with Rs 1.2 lakh amount the committee was falling short of. Laying water pipes and raising water tank alone did not serve any purpose.

"Villagers started complaining that over head water tanks in houses were not getting filled. We realised that this was due to lot of water going waste," he said.

Since people paid just Rs 70 per month, they did not care for it. Consequently, it was decided that meters be installed to check water wastage. In association with the district programme director-cum-superintending engineer, Punjab Water Supply and Sanitation Department, NK Dhir, said the meters were installed at all 350 households saving large quantity of water.

"Now, villagers are being charged Rs 3 per unit with each unit comprising 1,000 litres. We just want that people should save water and realise its value," Dhir said. He said Balbir had been nominated for a state-level award for his services, which would be conferred upon him during the Independence Day celebrations.

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RE: For three Ropar villages, he is the water 'messiah' - jms - 03-04-2011 02:56 PM

In the era of 'profit seekers' this kaind of peoples shuold be honoured

´╗┐Water Conservation - Administrator - 03-06-2011 10:54 PM

´╗┐Water Conservation

A step to conserve water is the step to secure the future. The most essential among all the natural resources on earth is water. A drop of water is worth more than a sack of gold for the thirsty man. If each one of us make efforts to save water today , it will save us later. Water conservation is the most effective and environmentally sound method to fight global warming. Water conservation is what that can reduce the scarcity of water. It aims to improve the efficiency of use of water, and reduce losses and waste.

Tips to save water :

  • Avoid leakage of water from the taps.
  • Turn the tap off when not in use especially when you brush your teeth or wash clothes.
  • Rainwater harvesting is the another method to conserve water.
  • The water supply should be limited in those areas which enjoys the unlimited water supplies.
  • Check the leakage of water in the toilets. Also get check the hidden water leaks.
  • Educate the mind of the people in the rural areas to save the water.
  • Promote the conservation of water through media and wall posters.
  • Never throw the water unnecessary on roads which can be used for gardening and cleaning.
  • Avoid unnecessary flushing the toilets. Dispose off the tissues, cigarettes and other waste into the bin instead of toilets.
  • Use minimum amount of water to bath.
  • Water Waste restrictions.
  • Improvement in the water distribution system.
  • Water your lawn only when it is needed.
  • Use a broom instead of hose to clean the sidewalks or to wash the car.
  • Capture the water that is leaking and repair it as soon as possible.
  • You can use washing machine to wash clothes that does not consume much water.
  • Donot leave the tap running while washing the dishes in the kitchen.
  • Install small shower heads to reduce the flow of water.

Technical methods to conserve water :
Rainwater Harvesting :

Rainwater harvesting is the gathering and collection of water from the rooftop. The traditional method of rain water harvesting is the most effective and simple way to conserve the water. It means utilization of rain water for the domestic as well as agricultural purposes. There are three technical methods of rain water harvesting such as Catchment, Conveyance and storage.

Historical Water Bodies :

There are many traditional water bodies which have been in disuse for the longer time. These bodies can be reused as the recharging points.
Ponds :

Steps should be taken to avoid dumping of sewage into the village ponds. Efforts need to be made to deepen these ponds with the dragline machines. Garbage and other waste sholud not be dumped into the ponds.

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RE: For three Ropar villages, he is the water 'messiah' - jms - 03-07-2011 04:31 PM

Unfortunately many Railwaymen are not interested in conservation of water. In my office, many peaople leave the toilet without closing the tap and thus losing litres of water. When I am pasting some notes or pictures to remind them of closing the tap, many of them are treating it as fun. Our officers should show some interest in this martter, then only will the junior staff follow.

RE: For three Ropar villages, he is the water 'messiah' - Administrator - 03-09-2011 11:18 PM

I think they should download the following document: Thirst for Water. And read it and then decide for themselves as to how they can contribute to conserve water - one of the most precious element for existence....

OR scroll down to the next post to go through the Slideshow by authorStream:

RE: For three Ropar villages, he is the water 'messiah' - Administrator - 03-09-2011 11:23 PM