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macps in the new unit - sushma priya - 04-11-2010 01:21 PM

my date of appoinment is in january 1975 as ASM .On unilateral request transfer from higher to lower post joined sbc division in bottom grade in bottom seniority with 35 yrs of clear service. I got only second financial upgradation. My third financial upgradation not considered stating that I am not having 30yrs of completed service in the new unit.

Is it necessary to have 30yrs of service in the new unit for third financial upgradation ?

My regular service in the previous unit is not taken into account for third financial upgration,Is it correct ??

Here I would like to quote the para 24 of RBE No.101/2009 dated 10.6.2009,

In case, an employee after getting promotion/ACP seeks unilateral transfer on a lower post or lower scale, he will be entitled only for second and third financial upgradation on completion of 20/30 years of regular service under MACPS, as the case may be, from the date of his initial appointment in the new organization.

Hence, you will not be eligible for the financial up-gradation from the date of your appointment as ASM in 1975. For the purpose of MACPS your service (from lower post) in the new unit will only be counted.


Zonal Secretary/ICF & ACT,CEC/IRTSA

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