Poll: Is Separate club for supervisors required??
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Supervisors club
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Rainbow Supervisors club
Angel some few years back when in Erode depot/ SA divn just near to Erode station i have seen one officers club opening ceremony, and my first reaction was how many railway officers working in Erode depot, and for them so much of money spent, and as my prediction within few months its become dead, now hardly its open in few occation.Again for staff there is another community hall cum club attach with play ground, i must say atleast staff club is functioning. Now my question why supervisors not treating equaly,? As like our working field we being seperated from officers as wel as working class, supervisors welfare also ignored. So friends join together and demand for supervisors welfare, like we can demand health club for us. My request to IRTSA Please make this issue to higher authority.
01-15-2011 07:02 PM
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RE: Supervisors club
The idea is very good and is the demand is very much necessary. But is a separate status as 'supervisor' available? Gr.A, B,C and D. The supervisors come under the ocean of Group-C category. I think a separate group for supervisors should be there. until then "we being seperated from officers as wel as working class" will be there, a separation with out any status or benefit.
01-16-2011 08:53 PM
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Lightbulb RE: Supervisors club
Dear friend, you r absolute right, supervisors status must be seperated from C category, my idea to raise seperate club to support our demand. Since you belongs to Erode u know the truth, i just like to share some feelings after serving 11 years in railway, our subordinates never consider us as their gurdian, again officer always use us for their better carrier,never treated us in friendly manner, so how löng we will b exploited by both group, so please join hands to hand for our better cause.Rolleyes
01-17-2011 07:17 PM
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RE: Supervisors club
All along, the Supervisors have been suppressed and grouped with the Workers due to selfish and dictatorial attitude of the Apex Officers.

For the first time, knowingly or not, SCPC has fixed the Supervisors a separate Pay band, thus separating them from the workers.

Whereas most of the privileges are userped by the Apex Officers, the Supervisors have been deprived of the same. Supervisors' Club is one such privilege.

Lately, the Supervisors have realised the need and are raising the demand for the Club.
Struggle is the only way to Survive!
04-19-2011 07:32 PM
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