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All India Railwaymen's Federation
(Estd. 1924)
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

No.AIRF/PNM/I/2011 Dated: April 18, 2011

The Secretary(E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Attn: Shri P.K. Sharma, Addl. Member(Staff), Railway Board

Sub: PNM Agenda

Enclosed please find herewith 30 agenda items for discussing the same in the next PNM meeting with the Railway Board.

Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

DA/As above

Copy to: General Secretaries, all affiliated unions, along with a copy of PNM Agenda items.

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Item no. 1
Sub: Denial of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme to Drawing/Design staff initially recruited as Tracer

The Railway Board vide letter No.PC-V/2009/ACP/15/NR dated 18-5-2010, addressed to GM(P), Northern Railway and letter No.PC-V/2005/ACP/4/SR dated 18-5-2010, addressed to GM(P), Southern Railway, have advised that Drawing/Design staff initially recruited as Tracer in pay scale of Rs.260-430(RS), equivalent to GP Rs.2000, PB-1, in VI CPC pay structure, having been already earned two promotions up to the post of Sr. Draftsman(now designated as JE GP Rs.4200) are not entitled for further financial upgradations under MACP Scheme beyond GP Rs.4600, while other Drawing/Design staff directly recruited as JE-II(Drawing/Design) have been extended the benefit under this scheme.

Railway Board's instructions circulated to Northern and Southern Railways vide their letter supra are not convincing and it is also felt that the instructions issued by various Directorates of the Railway Board are contradictory to each other.

In this connection, it would be pertinent to note that para 5 of Annexure-I to RBE No.101/2009 clearly stipulates that promotions earned/upgradations granted under ACP Scheme in the past to those grades which now carry the same Grade Pay due to merger of pay scales/upgradations as a result of implementation of recommendations of VI CPC shall be ignored for the purpose of grant of benefits under MACP Scheme.

It may be recalled that the posts of erstwhile Tracers were upgraded and merged with that of Asstt. Draftsman as far back as 1985. Further, at the time of implementation of the V CPC recommendations, the posts of Asstt. Draftsman were abolished while creating the post of SSE in pay scale Rs.7450-11500.

In this context, an analogy can also be drawn from the MACP benefit being granted to erstwhile Group' D' staff, treating their initial Grade Pay as Rs.1800 irrespective of the fact as to whether they were recruited in Rs.2550-3200, Rs.2610-3540, Rs.2610-4000, Rs.2650-4000 or Rs.2750-4400(V CPC scales).

In view of the above, the Board are requested to grant MACP benefit to the Drawing/Design Staff, initially recruited as Tracers, treating the post of JE-II (Grade Pay of Rs.4200 in VI CPC terms) as their post of initial recruitment irrespective of the fact as to whether they are directly appointed as JEs II or have progressed from the post of Tracers.

Item no. 2
Sub: Grant of MACP to Guards Category - Clarification reg. Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/MACP(57-A) dated 14.03.2011

Railway Board vide letter No.PC-V/2010/MACP/7/ECR dated 10.02.2011, addressed to the General Manager(P) of East Central, South Central, Central and South East Central Railways, have advised as under:¬".. the categories of Passenger Guard (Rs.5000-8000) and Sr. Passenger Guard (5500-9000) have been merged and allotted Grade Pay of Rs.4200 in PB-2 vide Board's letter dated 11.9.2008(RBE No.108/2008). In terms of para 8 of Board's letter dated 10.6.2009, promotion from Sr. Goods Guard to Passenger Guard should be counted for the purpose of MACPS and in terms of para 5 of the said letter, promotion from Passenger Guard to Sr. Passenger Guard should be ignored for MACPS. Therefore, an employee appointed as Goods Guard has earned following three promotions/financial upgradations till he reaches Mail/Express Guard, viz.

(i) From Goods Guard to Sr. Goods Guard.
(ii) From Sr. Goods Guard to Passenger Guard.
(iii) From Sr. Passenger Guard to Mail/Express Guard (Passenger Guard to Sr. Passenger Guard to be ignored.)

Board's above instructions do not seem to be in conformity with the AVC of Guard. AVC of Guard is as under:-
Goods Guard/Sr. Goods Guard

Passenger Guard/Sr. Passenger Guard

Mail/Express Guard

From the above, it will be seen that the post of Sr. Goods Guard and Sr. Passenger Guard are non-functional and do not involve any change in duties and shouldering of higher responsibilities. Thus, post of Sr. Goods Guard cannot be termed as step-up promotion and only promotions to functional post in AVC should be reckoned as a promotion.

In view of the above, the Board are requested to modify their instructions, as contained in their letter ibid dated 10.02.2011, at an early date.

Item no. 3
Sub: Revision of rates of Kilometreage Allowance and Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage (ALK)

Ref: (i) Railway Board's letter No.E(P&A)II-2005/RS-34 dated 26.12.2008 (ii) AIRF's letter No.AIRF/55(84) dated 15.4.2011

The rates of Kilometreage Allowance and allowance in lieu of Kilometreage(ALK) were revised w.e.f. 01.09.2008 or from the date the Running Staff covered by Railway Services(Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, whichever is later ,vide Board's letter cited above.

AIRF, have repeatedly represented to Railway Board for granting arrears and to revise the rates of these allowances w.e.f. 01.01.2006 to the Running Staff who have already covered by Railway Services(Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 w.e.f. 01.01.2006, but Railway Board's decision on the subject is still pending.

In this context, it may be appreciated that about 70% of Running Allowance is having Travelling Allowance component and in terms of Railway Board's letter No.F(E)I/2008/AL-28/14 dated 01.12.2008, there shall be automatic increase in the rate of TA/DA by 25% whenever DA payable on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%. In this connection, it may be mentioned that DA has been increased from 45% to 51% w.e.f. 01.01.2011.

The Board are therefore, urged upon to review the entire issue of Running Allowance at the earliest with all consequential benefits as already represented by AIRF from time to time.

Item No.4
Sub: Placement of Pharmacists in the Entry GP of Rs.4200(non-functional grade) on completion of two years service in GP Rs.2800 as well as grant of three MACPs to the Pharmacist category on the Indian Railways

Ref: Railway Board's letter No.PC-VI/2010/IR-N/2 dated 19.11.2010

The Railway Board vide para 3 of their letter under reference have clarified that regular service rendered by the Pharmacists in pre-revised scale of Rs.4500-7000 should be counted as service in GP Rs.2800 for being placed in Non-functional Grade of Pharmacists in PB-II Rs.9300-34800(GP Rs.4200) in terms of Board's letter No.PC-VI/2009/I/RSRP/10 dated 30.03.2010. But the Managing Director, Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi, vide letter No.752-E/MACPS/Pharmacists/CH/10 dated 7.10.2010(photocopy enclosed) while misinterpreting these orders of the Railway Board has issued instructions that the benefit of MACP Scheme, i.e. GP. Rs.4600, 4800 and 5400, will be made applicable only after completion of 12, 22 and 32 years service instead of on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years service respectively.

It is urged that clear instructions for granting the benefit of MACP Scheme, i.e. GP Rs.4600, 4800 and 5400, should be issued to the on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years service respectively.

The Railway Board, vide letter No.PC-VI/2009/I/RSRP/10 dated 5.8.2010 have issued clarification to the General Managers of the Indian Railways that the word "Promotion" in Board's letter be read as "Placement". But the Chief Medical Superintendent, Ahmedabad, Western Railway vide letter No.F/MD/839/6/2 dated 27.12.2010(photocopy enclosed) has considered it as "Promotion" instead of "Placement" while placing the Pharmacists from PB-I Rs.5200-20200(GP Rs.2800) to next higher grade, i.e. PB-II Rs.9300-34800 with GP Rs.4200.

The Board are requested to communicate necessary clarification in the matter d to the General Managers of the Indian Railways.

Item No.5
Sub: Entitlement of 1st Class Passes in favour of the staff in Grade Pay 2800- appointed between 01.08.1969 and 10.11.1987

Para 2(b)(i) of Railway Board's letter No.E(W)97/PS 5-1/62 dated 01.02.1999 reads as under:-

Para 2(b)(i)
(Staff) appointed during the period from 01.08.1969 to 31.03.1987 draw pay Rs. 5375 or above, provided they are in scale, the maximum of which is Rs. 7000 or above - Ist class

The date eligibility has been revised from 31.03.1987 to 10.11.1987, i.e. staff appointed between the period from 01.08.69 to 10.11.87 shall get 1st Class Pass on reaching the pay of Rs. 5375 or above, provided they are in scale, the maximum of which is Rs. 7000 or above. In this connection, please refer to Railway Board's letter No.E(W)97 PS 5-1/30 dated 14.01.2000.

Fitment Table of the 6th CPC has been circulated vide Annexure(E) of Railway Board's letter No.PC-VI/2008/1/RSRP dated 11.09.2008. The Table of pre-revised scale(S-8) Rs.4500-7000 has been revised to PB-1 Rs.5200-20200 + Rs.2800(GP) wherein it will be seen that the pay in Pay Band of Rs.5375 is 10000 + Rs.2800 Grade Pay. Thus revised Basic Pay of Rs.12,800 is equivalent to 5375(5th CPC term).

Further, para 4 of Railway Board's letter No.E(W)2008/PS 5-1/38 dated 6th January, 2011 states as follows:-

"The Railway employees who are already entitled to 1st Class Passes, shall continue to draw 1st Class Passes, irrespective of their eligibility in terms of these orders".
As such, the staff those who were appointed between 01.08.69 and 10.11.87 and working in Grade Pay Rs.2800 having Basic Pay of Rs.12800 are entitled to have 1st Class Pass. But confusion has been expressed by certain quarters, causing serious resentments amongst the staff.

Hence, it is urged that necessary clarification may be issued to the Zonal Railways so that staff appointed between 01.08.69 and 10.11.87 having Basic Pay of Rs.12800 in Grade Pay Rs.2800 are issued 1st Class Passes.

Item No.6
Sub: Denial of pensionery benefits to nearly 1,400 Substitutes in East Central Railway Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/444(58) dated 14.3.2011

Nearly 1,400 Substitutes were engaged by the N.E. Railway administration between 1990 and 1995 and all of them attained temporary status but were not regularized subsequently by the Railway administration.

After creation of new railway zone, viz. East Central Railway, the matter was raised by our affiliate -East Central Railway Karamchari Union - demanding regularization of these Substitutes against regular vacancies as these Substitutes have been serving Railways for more than 10-15 years and were enjoying associated benefits of temporary staff, viz. recovery of P.F. etc. as per extant rules. East Central Railway administration agreed to examine the record and after that all these Substitutes were regularized against regular vacancies. Since these substitutes were engaged well before 1.1.2004, their entire period of working as substitute is to be reckoned for pensinery benefits, but unfortunately East Central Railway Administration is denying the same on the pretext that their services have been regularized after 1.1.2004, which is highly unfair.

The Board are requested to intervene in the matter and issue necessary instructions to East Central Railway to extend benefits under old pension scheme to these Substitutes who have already been regularized on the demand of our affiliate.

Item No.7
Sub: Qualifying Service for eligibility of RELHS-97 Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/101(59) dated 15.3.2011

In terms of para 5 of Railway Board's letter No.2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 16.3.2009, joining of RELHS-97 is mandatory for all retiring Railway employees. It has subsequently been clarified by the Railway Board at S.No.2 of their letter ibid dated 12.10.2009 that the Qualifying Service in case of retiring employee is 20 years and in case of Railway servant who died in harness rendering less than 20 years Qualifying Service, his family members are eligible for joining RELHS.
In this context, it is pointed out that the wards of deceased Railway employees appointed on compassionate ground are suffered at a later stage and there may be a good number of cases where wards so appointed on compassionate ground may not complete 20 years qualifying service at the time of their normal superannuation. They are, therefore, being denied the benefit of cover of RELHS and the families of deceased employees thus suffer a lot on account of this problem.

The Board are, therefore, requested to consider the cases of such Railway employees appointed on compassionate ground and did not complete 20 years Qualifying Service due to one reason or the other, eligible for the benefit of RELHS-97 on usual terms and conditions, which would be of great help to such unfortunate employees.

Item No.8
Sub: Counting of previous services of re-deployed staff for promotion purpose in absorbing unit - Case of group D' employees of Flash Butt Welding Plant, Kalyan, re-deployed in Diesel Shed, Kalyan

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/12(37) dated 18.02.2011

Group 'C' employees of Flash Butt Welding Plant, Kalyan, re-deployed in Diesel Shed, have been denied empanelment for the post of Diesel Mechanics against LDCE of 20% Ranker Quota.

On the representation of the union, the Dy. CPO(HRD), Central Railway, vide letter No.HPB/228/ RE/MMR/MACP dated 20.9.2010(copy enclosed) has sent a letter to the Railway Board, seeking clarification whether surplus staff are eligible for counting of service rendered prior to re-deployment for promotion purpose or otherwise.

The employees in question were called for written examination, which they successfully passed. Subsequently, they have been issued notice to the effect that they will not be considered for selection.

Since above notice was issued to these set of employees on the basis of clarification issued by the SPO(M&E), Central Railway, and subsequently clarification on this issue has been asked by the Central Railway administration from the Railway Board, the Board are requested to advise Central Railway administration to pend the action, taken by the Divisional Railway administration on the basis of clarification issued by the SPO(M&E), Central Railway, till clarification is received by them from the Railway Board.

Item no. 9
Sub: Caretaking Allowance to Hostel Staff and merging of Caretaker posts with Ministerial Staff

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/159(385) dated 5.2.2010

The VI CPC vide their recommendations under Common Categories in para 3.8.8 have recommended as under:-

"The Fifth CPC had recommended that the Group C' and D' staff borne on the regular establishment, on deployment for caretaking duties, would be paid a caretaking allowance of Rs.100(for Group D') and Rs.200(for Group C') per month. It was further recommended that separate posts of caretakers, if any, shall be merged with the general ministerial posts in the corresponding scales of pay. The recommendations of the Fifth CPC for common category of Caretaker Staff are appropriate and the merger of posts in this cadre with the ministerial posts in corresponding pay scales should be carried out in every organization where it has already not been implemented. However, the amount of caretaking allowance may henceforth be paid at the rate of 10% of the aggregate of pay in the pay band and grade pay thereon."

Ministry of Finance(Department of Expenditure) vide their Gazette Notification (No.1/1/2008-I C dated 29.8.2008) Part-I, Section 1(S.No.54, page No.54) has also recommended similarly.

According to the above, Caretaker posts should be merged with appropriate grade with Ministerial posts in the corresponding scales of pay and also VI CPC has recommended for the payment of Caretaking Allowance at the rate 10% of the aggregate of pay in the pay band and grade pay thereon.

Unfortunately, so far no orders have been issued by the Railway Board for the payment of Caretaking Allowance at enhanced rate of 10% of aggregate of pay in the pay band and grade pay thereon and also not merged Caretaker posts with Ministerial posts in the corresponding scales of pay.

It is pertinent to point out that the duties of Hostel Superintendent, Warden and Watchman of IRISET Hostel, Secunderabad, are involving Caretaking duties and they are also eligible for Caretaking Allowance.

In view of the above, the Board are requested to issue necessary instructions to IRISET, Secunderabad, for granting Caretaking Allowance to Hostel Superintendent, Warden and Watchman of IRISET, Secunderabad, as also for merging Caretaker posts with Ministerial Staff, so as to enable them to get promotions.

Item no. 10
Sub: Withdrawal of Board's letter No.E(NG)II/2010/RC-4/6 dated 16.11.2010 regarding re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis for the post of Loco Pilots and Guards

Ref: (i) AIRF's letter No.AIRF/55(659) dated 22.11. 2010 (ii) Board's letter No.E(NG)II/2010/RC- 4/6 dated 16.11.2010

The Railway Board vide above letter have authorized the Zonal Railways to engage retired Running Staff(Loco Pilots and Guards) on daily remuneration basis citing acute shortage of the staff and engage such retired staff to manage the non-running duties such as Lobby Supervisors/ Power Controllers etc. These unilateral orders have been issued by the Railway Board without any consultation with the Federation.

The posts of Lobby Supervisors(Crew Controllers) and Power Controllers(PCRs) and Traction Loco Controllers) are of supervisory in nature and in the GP of Rs.4600(Rs.6500-10500) were earlier filled on promotion as a cadre post and now on promotion as a tenure post.

In Southern Railway alone, there are about more than 120 Crew Controllers/Power Controller posts and this action of the Railway Board, directing Zonal Railways to engage retired Running Staff, not only deprives avenue of promotions to Loco Running Staff but also creates a precarious situation of regular cadre Running Staff placed under supervisory control of a casual labour by way of engaging retired Running Staff. This will result in serious discontentment among the Running Staff, and especially in Southern Railway, where there is not acute shortage, needs such a haphazard arrangement just because of a uniform orders of the Railway Board.

AIRF demands withdrawal of above cited letter of the Railway Board immediately.

Item No.11
Sub: Provision for training institutes for various disciplines in East Central Railway

After re-organization of the Indian Railways(creation of new Railway Zones) many of the new Railway Zones have lack of facility of Training Institutes, resulting in serious lapses in training as well as inconvenience because when they are sent for training to schools on other Zonal Railway, they are basically treated as outsiders and are being harassed.

Training is not a stop gap arrangement, and for safe running of trains, it has been always agreed that training should be given utmost priority. But unfortunately, on this subject, guidelines of the Railway Board are contrary.

It will be in all appropriateness that all the new Railway Zones should be provided with Zonal Training Institutes having wide coverage of all disciplines, may be Running Staff, Maintenance Staff, Technical Supervisors/other Supervisory Staff, etc. etc.

Above-mentioned training can also start in the existing Divisional Training Institutes already available on various Zonal Railways.

AIRF also demands that the existing Training Institutes also need to be strengthened for infrastructure as well as academic point of view.

Item No.12
Sub: Enhancement of sanctioning limit of Honorarium

Board's attention is invited towards the existing sanctioning limit of Honorarium by the General Managers and other PHoDs which is Rs.10,000 per person per year vide Railway Board's letter No.743E/62Pt.II/EIV dated 20.01.1997. This limit was earlier enhanced from Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 in the year 1997(after V CPC).
Now, it has become necessary to enhance sanctioning limit of the Honorarium, keeping in view individual claim of the Honorarium due to extra work of the Pay Commission, PLB, Supplementary Bills etc. and revision of hourly rate of Honorarium every after three years. It is also experienced that the Railway Board is not sanctioning the Honorarium properly and timely, resulted that the Honorarium at Railway Board's level for the last four years is pending with the Railway administrations. There is great resentment amongst the Accounts staff on this account.

The Board are requested to get sanctioning limit of the Honorarium enhanced from the existing limit of Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000 by the General Managers and other PHoDs per person per year, keeping in view the facts mentioned above.

Item No.13
Sub: Grant of LAP, LHAP and Casual Leave to paramedical staff engaged to work in Railway Hospitals etc. on contract basis

Ref: Railway Board's letter No. E(P&A)I-2010/CPC/LE-5 dated 10.08.2010

At present, Paramedical Staff are being engaged in the Railway Hospitals on contract basis in different categories. They are not being granted any kind of leave even working for months together. In their appointment letter, nothing has been mentioned about the leave(any kind). One cannot remain without leave for an indefinite period.
Hence, it is necessary that provision for leave is inbuilt in their Terms & Conditions during appointment.

Item No.14
Sub: Filling-up of vacancies of Asstt. Stock Verifiers of Accounts Department - Permission to Cash and Pay Office

Time and again Federation has brought to the notice of the Railway Board about the heavy shortage of Asstt. Stock Verifiers vis-a-vis increasing workload on ISA.
There are large numbers of vacancies in the category of Asstt. Stock Verifiers and no Asstt. Stock Verifiers/Jr. Accounts Asstt. is interested to work as Asstt. Stock Verifiers.
Recently Railway Board vide letter No.E(NG)I-2008/PM9/2 dated 28-1-2008(photocopy enclosed) has permitted South Central Railways to fill-up the vacancies of Asstt. Stock Verifiers from Cash and Pay staff against "failing which" provision.

Similar shortage is faced by Central Railway in the category of Asstt. Stock Verifiers. On the other hand, the cadre of Cashiers is contracting and it is likely that their problem of re-deployment can arise in near future.

In this connection, Central Railway vide letter No.AC/204-A/Admn/2009 dated 6.3.2009 (photocopy enclosed) has sought similar permission from the Director Finance(CCA), Railway Board.

AIRF, therefore, requests the Railway Board to accord necessary sanction to all the Zonal Railways and Production Units, including Central Railway, for filling-up of the vacancies of Asstt. Stock Verifiers, from the staff of Cash and Pay office having qualified in Appendix-II(IREM) under "failing which" clause(surplus or otherwise), which is quite essential for Accounts Department.

Item No.15
Sub: D&A Rules (Policy) - Incorrect interpretation of Rule 1322 R-II on the issue of Fixation of Pay while implementing penalty of reduction to a lower time scale of pay grade, post service stage as per Rule 6(VI) of R.S.(D&A) Rules, 1968

Time and again Staff Side has represented the issue of incorrect fixation of pay on reduction to lower grade or service in violation of Rule 1322 R-II as a permanent measure by misinterpreting this rule.

In this connection, attention of the Railway Board is drawn to Rule 1313(FR-22)(b)(2) R-II which clearly permits to draw the pay which an employee drew on the last occasion. This rule also permits to count the period during which he drew that pay on such last and any pervious occasion for increment in the stage of time scale equivalent to that pay. This is also supported by Rule 1314(FR-22)(a) R-II which also permits to draw pay on the last such occasion.

Due to incorrect interpretation of Rule 1322 R-II by the Western Railway Administration, large number of employees are put to great financial hardship in respect of pay fixed on reduction to lower grade for indefinite period.

Nowhere in D&A Rules is it laid down for the reduction of pay at minimum of the scale permanently as also Codal Rules do not permit such fixation of pay as a permanent measure.

Since this is a policy issue and needs necessary clarification from the Railway Board, the Board are requested to issue necessary clarification on it.

Item No.16
Sub: Preventive checks by the Vigilance Directorate, Railway Board ordering transfers of the staff working in the Reservation offices to other divisions

In the Western Railway, as a result of vigilance checks on the RTSA Counters, the staff working in the Reservation offices are being transferred to other divisions at a far away places in cases of irregularities detected during the vigilance preventive checks in day-to-day functioning of the Reservation offices. This has caused lots of financial hardships to the employees and their family members because they have to maintain two establishments due to education of their children at the old stations.

Irregularities noticed during vigilance checks are not of serious nature, involving malafide intention of the concerned employees. But since it is because of vigilance checks, employees who are detected for committing irregularities have been transferred to other divisions at a far away places at the instance of Vigilance Directorate, Railway Board.
These irregularities, so detected during the vigilance checks, are of the following types:-
(i) Accepting more than one Requisition Form at a time from approved travel agent.
(ii) Excess amount of Rs.401/- was found in Railway cash on counter No.404.
Shri Sudhir Raut, ARS/BCT/WR and Shri S.M. Singh, CHM/BCT/WR have been issued SF-5(Major Penalty) and have been transferred to other divisions by the Western Railway administration.

There is no charge of any malafide intention against such employees. There is also no other serious charge of misconduct levelled against these employees. There is no complaint from any other agents against these employees. The I.I.(Vigilance), Railway Board, has also not kept in view the laid down instructions of Commercial Manual about detection of excess/short in railway cash by the Commercial staff and provisions to rectify such omissions.
Instructions exist vide Railway Board's letter No.E(D&A)2004/RG/6-14 dated 2.7.2004 for the issue of SF-11 for dealing minor infringements or case of procedural irregularities. These instructions are not being followed by the Railway Board as well as Vigilance Directorate, Railway Board.

In both these cases, SF-5(Major Penalty) has been issued, though there is no case of committing serious misconduct by these employees, i.e. case of bribery, corruption, forgery, cheating railway administration, misappropriation of government cash and involvement in theft cases, etc. etc.

The issue of inter-division transfers and issue of SF-5 for such irregularities cases may be examined keeping in view Railway Board's orders and provision of Commercial Manual.

Item No.17
Sub: Retention of railway accommodation at Dibrugarh, N.F. Railway, in favour of Railway employees transferred and posted at Tinsukia as a result of transfer of staff due to shift of establishment

Ref: General Manager(P), N.F. Railway's letter No.E/219/0(Surplus Qrs.)© Pt-I dated

Dibrugarh was main line of Railway activities prior to formation of Tinsukia division. On the formation of Tinsukia Division, the staff of DEN, DCM and other offices were shifted to Tinsukia but could not be provided with proper railway accommodation.

On a reference from N.F. Railway administration, Railway Board vide their letter No.E(G)2001 RN3-8 dated 16.11.2004 had permitted retention of quarters on normal rent to such staff (numbering 78) for a period of up to 30.09.2005. Seven of these staff could not be provided with entitled type of quarters. These seven staff had applied for Railway quarters at Tinsukia but due to acute shortage of quarters they could not be allotted Type-III quarters at Tinsukia. It may be mentioned that all these 78 staff are entitled for Type-III and Type-IV quarters.

The General Manager(P), N.F. Railway, vide above cited letter had sent a proposal to the Railway Board, duly approval by the Associate Finance, N.F. Railway, seeking their permission for retention of Railway quarters at Dibrugarh in favour of these seven staff up to 31.10.2010 or till such time they are allotted entitled type of quarters at Tinsukia.

The Board are requested to accord necessary approval so that above-mentioned seven staff are allowed to retain quarters at Dibrugarh on normal rent from 01.01.2005 to 31.12.2011.

Item no. 18
Sub: Relaxation in educational qualification for the recruitment of staff under LARSGESS Scheme/Substitute/Compassionate Ground Appointment, Scouts & Guide and Cultural Quota

Ref: (i) Executive Director, Estt.(N), Railway Board's letter No.E(NG)-II/2009/RR-1/10/Pt. dated 9.12.2010
(ii) AIRF's letter No.AIRF/64(45-A) dated 4.1.2011

The Railway Board vide para 2 of their above cited letter have advised the General Managers of the Indian Railways that "the Ministry of Railways have decided that henceforth minimum educational qualification for recruitment in Pay Band-1 of Rs.5200-20200 having Grade Pay of Rs.1800 will be 10th pass or ITI or equivalent. These instructions will be applicable for all future recruitment henceforth against direct recruitment quota through all modes".

Complaints are pouring in from various Zonal Railways and Production Units that appointment against compassionate ground are not taking place merely taking concept that the educational qualification has been enhanced to High School or ITI or equivalent. Large number of queries are also coming about the recruitment of wards of the Railwaymen under the scheme of LARSGESS and similar problem has also arisen for the recruitment of the Substitutes and also against Scout and Guide and Cultural Quota and compassionate ground appointment.

It is requested that the entire issue should be reviewed and educational qualification should be relaxed in case of Substitute/compassionate ground appointment/LARSGESS Scheme/Scouts and Cultural Quota as has been relaxed for recruitment against Sports Quota vide Board's letter No.2010/E (Sports)/4 Pt.(E.Q.) dated 12.12.2010.

AIRF, therefore, demands that under LARSGESS, wards of the Railwaymen should be treated at par with recruitment on compassionate ground. There should not be any Physical Efficiency Test as well as qualification should not be more than Class VIII pass.

Item No.19
Sub: Raising of upper age limit in case of entitlement of Privilege Passes/PTOs for dependent sons

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/82(26) dated 11.02.2011

The upper age limit prescribed by the Railway Board for the entitlement of Privilege Passes/PTOs in case of dependent son, if he is not a student of a bonafide institute, is 21-year at present.

In the present circumstances, in case the son of an employee completes his graduation up to the age of 21-year and does not pursue further higher education on account of one reason or the other, he is deprived of Privilege Passs/PTOs issued to his father, whereas the son, while looking for a job, has to travel more and more in search of proper job/employment for which he has to appear either in written test or viva-voce at different places, thereby he remains in urgent need of Passes/PTOs.

It would, therefore, be in the fitness of things that the upper age limit for the entitlement of Privilege Passes/PTOs in case of dependent son may be raised up to the age of 25-year irrespective of the fact whether he is a student of any bonafide institute or not as the age of 25-year is permissible age for receipt of Family Pension by a son if he is unemployed.

Item No.20
Sub: Filling up of vacancies of OS Gr. II in scale Rs.5500-9000(V CPC scale) against 20% LDCE Quota

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/371(589) dated 24.09.2010

Erstwhile OS-II post in scale Rs.5500-9000(V CPC scale) has been merged with the post of erstwhile Head Clerk in scale Rs.5000-8000(V CPC scale) and the merged post has been re-designated as O.S. granting Grade Pay of Rs.4200 in terms of VI CPC. The said merger is effective from1 -1-2006, i.e. date of implementations of recommendations of VI CPC, which in effect means, the post of OS-II in scale Rs.5500-9000 ceased to exist from that date. \

In terms of Railway Board's letter No.PC.III/2003/CRC/6 dated 9-10-2003, an element of direct recruitment to the extent of 20% of the posts in the above category was introduced. Subsequently the same was modified as LDCE, to be filled-up from amongst serving graduates in Ministerial Staff working in scale Rs.3050-4590 and Rs.5000-8000.

On South Central Railway a written examination was conducted on 22.8.2008 for filling-up 20% vacancies earmarked for LDCE. However, selection could not be finalized due to notification of the VI CPC.

Further, Railway Board vide RBE No.70/2009 has categorically stated that promotions from the existing lower scales to the existing higher scales should likewise ceased. Further, in such cases, action on selection etc., already in process, should be stayed and the panels/suitability lists already existing should not be operated.

Unfortunately, Personnel Branch of South Central Railway has made a reference to Railway Board, seeking clarification, whether above selection could be gone ahead with. The Joint Director, Estt.(N), Railway Board vide letter No.E(NG)I/ 2009/PM1/15 dated 13.9.2010 has permitted S.C. Railway to finalize the above selection by excluding the staff in pre-revised grade of Rs.5000-8000.

As can be seen, the clarification issued by the Jt. Director, Estt.(N) runs contrary to RBE No.70/2009 of the Railway Board, which reflects collective wisdom of the Railway Board.
It is, therefore, requested that the above cited letter of the Jt. Director, Estt.(N), Railway Board, may kindly be withdrawn forthwith, duly cancelling the above selection process.

Item No.21
Sub: Implementation of recommendations of 6th CPC - Merger of grades -Revised classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/341(164) dated: 10.6.2009 and 8.5.2010

It may be seen that in case of Chemical and Metallurgical Wing under Mechanical Department there used to be two different Entry Grades with separate sets of recruitment qualifications, i.e. (a) CMA-II — 50% Direct Recruitment with B.Sc.(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) having minimum 45% marks; (b) CMA-I — 66 2/3 % Direct Recruitment with B.E.(Chemical & Metallurgy) or M.Sc.(Applied Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry).

With the implementation of recommendations of VI CPC, two pre-revised grades of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000 have been replaced by one merged grade having PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200, Railway Board have now proposed 66 2/3% Direct Recruitment in this merged grade with the qualification of B.E.(Metallurgy/Chemical Engineering) or M.Sc.(Applied Chemistry/Inorganic Chemistry) which is not proper as this will result in serious disparity vis-a-vis other technical disciplines of the Railways. It may also be appreciated that Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates of Science, if recruited in lower grade of PB-2, Grade Pay Rs.4200 shall feel frustrated as their counterparts are recruited in PB-2 and Grade Pay

It would, therefore, be fairly appropriate that there should be two stages of recruitment in Chemical and Metallurgical Wing, i.e. in PB-2 Grade Pay Rs.4200 with the qualification of B.Sc.(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) having minimum 45% marks or Diploma in appropriate subject and PB-2 Grade Pay Rs.4600 with the qualification of B.E.(Chemical & Metallurgy) or M.Sc.(Applied Chemistry/ Inorganic Chemistry) with a view to maintaining broader parity with other technical wings.

Item No.22
Sub: Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme RELHS

Ref: (i) Railway Board's letter No.86/H/6-2/21 dated 18.10.1994 (ii) AIRF's letter No.AIRF/101(563) dated 31.8.2010

Railway Board vide above cited circular have clarified that "for joining RELHS, minimum of 20 years qualifying service is mandatory. The Railway employees who retire on attaining the age of superannuation without completing 20 years qualifying service are not eligible to join this scheme." These orders were apparently, applicable for the employees governed by the V CPC provision.
In the VI CPC, minimum qualifying service for full pension is 10 years, whereas instructions for joining RELHS after 10 years of service are still awaited.

The Board are requested to review RELHS Scheme and adopt natural rational limit of 10 years for the retirees of VI CPC.

Item No.23
Sub: Creation of posts for additional workload provided to Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala by the Railway Board

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/424(25) dated 11.2.2011

As you are aware that the Railway Board had fixed a target of manufacturing 1600 coaches per annum in Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, as per Railway Board's Rolling Stock Programme for the year 2010-11; which include 1127 Conventional ICF Design Coaches and 458 LHB and Hybrid Coaches.

It has been represented by our affiliate of Rail Coach Factory that the existing manpower in the said Production Unit is inadequate for the targeted manufacturing of coaches, accordingly additional manpower shall be required to undertake the enhanced workload.

It is understood that a proposal for creation of 441 additional posts has been forwarded by the General Manager, Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, to the Railway Board for the said purpose, which in our view would not suffice.

In this context your attention is invited towards the existing operating strength of Rail Coach Factory, which is 5774 w.e.f. April 2010 as per RITES yardsticks for 1000 GS Units, whereas requirement of manpower for 1600 coaches would workout to be 7277, as such additional manpower required to meet out the target of production would workout to be 2146 in place of demanded 441.

You are, therefore, requested to kindly intervene in the matter promptly so that actual requirement of manpower is sanctioned for Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, commensurate with the enhanced workload and the production of coaches is undertaken smoothly.

Item No.24
Sub: Extension/re-opening of Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme(RELHS-97)

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/101(600) dated 4.10.2010

Railway Board are aware that the Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme(RELHS-97) has now become mandatory for the Railway employees, retiring from Railway service, vide Board's letter No.2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 16.3.2010. This scheme was kept opened up to 31st March, 2010 on the persistent demands from different individuals and associations of the pensioners and regular persuasions of AIRF for the Railway pensioners/retired Railway employees.

Whereas most of the pensioners/retired employees have already joined this scheme as per their convenience. However, there may be only some handful cases who might not have availed this opportunity because of being settled in remote areas of the country and would not have been able to know about this scheme in detail. A number of representations are, therefore, pouring in the office of AIRF and its affiliates demanding extension of date of RELHS-97 being kept opened so that they are also able to join this scheme.

Since the senior citizens who have served Railways with their utmost sincerity and devotion are now in urgent need of medical assistance due to their old age and ailments., it would be highly appreciated if RELHS-97 is kept opened up to 31.12.2011 or a later date to facilitate left over retired Railway employees to join the scheme.

Item No.25
Sub: Selection for J.E. Pay Band Rs.9300-34800 - Eligibility thereof

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/341(645) dated 30.10.2010

To fill vacancies against 25% J.E. Ranker Quota, required education qualifications are - (i) ITI/Act. Apprentice Pass or 10 + 2 (with Science) Pass; (ii) Three year's service as Tech. Gr. III or higher grade with minimum service of three years; (iii) Age of the employee should not be 47-year on the date of notification.

AIRF would like to draw your kind attention that the following are the recruitment qualifications for the post of Technician of Grade III:-
(a) Act Apprentices/ITI in relevant trade
(b) Matriculation for compassionate appointment
Training period for direct recruit is as under:-
(i) Course Completed Act Apprentices trained in Railway Estt. - Nil
(ii) Course completed Act Apprentices trained in non-railway Estt. - 6 months
(iii) ITI Passed - 6 months
(iv) Matriculation - 3 years

As per S.No.(i), mentioned above, Course Completed Act Apprentices trained in Railway Establishment, no training is required for them and they are also eligible for J.E. post after completion of three-year service, whereas Matriculates who are imparted three-year training in BTC are not allowed to appear in J.E. since neither they are 10 + 2 Science nor Act Apprentice.

It is, therefore, requested that the Matriculates appointed on compassionate ground and imparted training for three years before joining as Technician Grade III and completed three year-service should be allowed to appear as J.E., treating them at par with Course Completed Trade Apprentices in the Railway.

Item no. 26
Sub: Grant of parity to the Stenographers working in the Zonal Railways

Ref: (i) Railway Board's letter No.PC-VI/2009/I/RSRP/9 dated 14.12.2009 (ii) AIRF's letter No.AIRF/405(VI CPC)(13)(602) dated 6.10.2010

While discussing the issue in the meeting of the Departmental Anomaly Committee, it was agreed that the issue of Stenographers working in the field offices would be resolved in the manner the issue of Rajbhasha Staff was decided in-house.

Unfortunately, nevertheless three months have passed but the Railway Board have not moved an inch ahead since our discussion. Moreover, other ministries like MoHA have issued orders(copy enclosed for ready reference) granting parity to the Stenographers of Intelligence Bureau with their counterparts working in CSS/CSSS.

It is requested that as has been promised during the course of discussions, they should be given parity with the Stenographers working in RBSSS.

Item No.27
Sub: Grievances of the Physiotherapists

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/101(660) dated 22.11.2010

The cadre of the Physiotherapists in the Indian Railways is maintained on All India basis and Northern Railway maintains the seniority of the Physiotherapists, employed in the entire Indian Railways.

There are sixty seven Physiotherapists working in the Indian Railways, out of which, three are in Group 'A' and four posts in Group 'B', out of which, one post is vacant. Out of the remaining sixty posts, which are operated in Group 'C', twenty four posts are operated in G.P. Rs.4200 and the rest thirty six posts are in GP Rs.4600.

Out of thirty six posts in GP Rs.4200, only eighteen are actually available, and the remaining eighteen posts are vacant, thus promotional vacancies have not been filled-up, resulting in severe discontentment among the staff who are working in G.P Rs.4200.

Seven Gazetted posts(three in Group 'A' and four in Group 'B') were granted when the cadre strength was only fifty all over Indian Railways. Whereas, now the cadre strength is sixty seven. Therefore, Group 'B' and Group 'A' posts have to be proportionately increased so as to distribute the same among the Zonal Railways at the rate of at least one Group 'A' and one Group 'B' post to each Zonal Railways. Further, it will also give promotional prospects to the existing Physiotherapists.

As per the IREM, qualification for recruitment as a Physiotherapists is Diploma/Degree in Physiotherapy. Whereas, recognized universities/institutions in India have abolished Diplomas in Physiotherapy and are awarding only three year Degree. Therefore, recruitment qualification should be changed to that of a Degree/Masters Degree in Physiotherapy.

The vacancies in the entry level cadre of Physiotherapy have to be opened up for the existing paramedical staff of the Medical Department by creating feeder cadres with adequate percentage of intake. This will enable the Railways in having certain level of trained manpower in the cadre of Physiotherapists.

Summing up, our requests are:-

(i) Seniority list of Physiotherapists all over the Indian Railways should be properly updated
by the Northern Railway and also should be published/circulated among all Zonal

(ii) Fill-up eighteen vacancies in G.P. Rs.4600 by promoting the staff in G.P. Rs.4200 and
retaining them on as is where is basis in the same Zonal Railway.

(iii) Increase the strength of Gazetted posts of the Physiotherapists in the Indian Railways by
allocating at least one Group 'A' and one Group 'B' post for each of the Zonal Railways.

(iv) Amend the IREM duly modifying the recruitment qualification as to that of Degree /
Masters Degree in Physiotherapy.

(v) Create feeder categories by allocating appropriate percentage of intake at the recruitment

(vi) Create adequate number of posts of Physiotherapists and allocate at least one
Physiotherapists for one SDH or RH.

Item No.28
Sub: Non-availability of reservation to passengers who come to PRS Centres - on line booking through IRCTC - need to curtail on-line booking.

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/42(i)(673) dated 3.12.2010

There have been persistent complaints from the public that although they come to Reservation Office hours before the opening of PRS, still they do not get confirmed accommodation.

Advance Reservation Period(ARP) for booking accommodation in any train starts ninety days in advance from 08.00 a.m onwards. In view of the vast gap between the supply (availability of berths) and the demand(request for confirmed berths) the accommodation always gets filled in matter of seconds, if not in minutes, especially, during the summer/winter/pooja seasons and also on holidays, such as Fridays/ Sundays.
Often public blames ECRCs for not getting accommodation, which is totally incorrect since booking of reservation can be made through on-line also which is done by the IRCTC.

While Hon'ble Minister of Railways is emphasizing for human approach on all the issues, booking through internet is depriving lakhs of passengers who come to Reservation Office to get confirmed ticket.

Booking through internet gives an unfair advantage to a select group of individuals who through IRCTC get undue advantage than the passengers who come to Reservation Office and wait even from previous day night onwards.

The crux of the issues is as follows:-
1. Indian Railways run 2440 Mail/Express trains which carry reserved accommodation. On an average, daily 12,00,000 berths/seats are booked in a day.
2. Indian Railways Passenger Reservation System is 99% computerized with allotment of berths being totally automated. There are 1839 Passenger Reservation System Centers(PRS Centers) in India having around 7120 terminals from which public can make their reservation/cancellation for any of the trains operated by the Indian Railways.
3. It is to be pointed out that, even in twenty four coach formation trains, number of sleeper coaches is limited to thirteen/fourteen only, which has a maximum total carrying capacity of 1008 Sleeper Class berths. After excluding Tatkal Coaches and various quotas, maximum general accommodation available is only around 720. These 720 berths are sought by 7120 terminals functioning in the Indian Railways System spread across 1839 PRS locations. Even if 10% of the terminals alone seek reservation for a particular train, they will not be able to get confirmed accommodation. Thus, even among the PRS Centres, wide mismatch exists between availability and supply.
4. Rreservation request of a passenger at the counter(PRS Centres) is dealt by the ECRC in the PRS System. Bookings are done based on certain "forms" which get loaded on the computer monitor of the operator wherein, ECRC has to feed details, such as train number, date of journey, class, boarding point, from and to stations, number of passengers, name, age, sex, choice of berth, concessions, concession codes and mobile number of passenger before data is transmitted to PRS server for making the reservation(Annexure-I).
5. Above application forms gets loaded on computer monitor of every ECRC in all PRS Centres all over the India only at 08 hrs., 00 minutes, 00 seconds, 00 nano seconds (08:00:00 hrs). Then only, ECRC can start feeding details of the passenger, starting from train number to final confirmation of the data before it is transmitted to the PRS Centres.
6. On an average, the number of characters he has to type ranges from 140 characters to 180 characters depending upon the name of passenger, concession code etc., for this, the time taken by the operator ranges from 25 seconds to 40 seconds.
7. Whereas, for persons, who are booking through internet, this application form gets uploaded on their monitor from 04.30 a.m itself. Hence, the person booking through internet, feeds entire information well before start of the PRS and wait till 08:00:00 hrs. when the opening date booking commences. By repeatedly pressing "Return Key" in computer key board, they send data well ahead of PRS terminals in view of the time gap of 25 seconds to 40 seconds available to them.
8. Thus, data from internet reaches PRS servers ahead of PRS counters and their request for accommodation gets allotted and PNRs generated. This is the reason why on the opening date, more than 70% of the accommodation is allotted to internet booking than the persons who wait at PRS counters.
9. Reserved accommodation is a scarce commodity and the Indian Railways has bounden duty to distribute the same to the people without favouring a particular type of channel of booking.
10. Internet booking can only be an additional facility to public and should not become major or sole channel by which reserved accommodation can be booked.

When Hon'ble MR is emphasizing, protecting and serving interests of ordinary public, who forms majority of travelling passengers in the Indian Railways, they should be taken care of and their interests should be protected, unfair advantage available to a select few users of internet should not be allowed.

Therefore, we request your good offices to rectify the same as follows:-
(a) Advance Reservation on opening day(90 days in advance) should be made available through the internet only after 09:00 a.m. onwards. Then only, passengers who come to PRS Centres overnight will get their confirmed accommodation when PRS Centres open at 08:00 a.m.
(b) This is technically feasible, wherein even though internet booking opens at 04:30 a.m, if the date of journey is for 90th day, then no booking is entertained by the system till 08:00 a.m.(only data can be fed) and, therefore, shifting it to 09:00 a.m. will not be a technical impediment at all.
© Therefore, opening day booking through internet should be allowed only from 09:00 a.m. onwards.

Item No.29
Sub: Retention of railway quarter in favour of totally medically incapacitated railway employees

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/116(98) dated 19.4.2011

Presently, retention of railway quarter is permitted only for four months to totally medically incapacitated employees at normal rent. Also the process of appointment of wards of such employees starts only after acceptance of voluntary retirement and in almost all the cases it is not arranged within four months time, resulting in charging of damage rent and also same quarter is not regularized in the name of eligible ward appointed after the voluntary retirement of such employees. Thus, the family is put to undue hardship to find alternate accommodation and the very purpose is not met in its true spirit.

It is also notable that such employees need more attention and service from their dependents and family members.

In view of the above, it is requested that permission to retain railway accommodation may be extended up to two years instead of four months, as is done in death cases.

Item No.30
Sub: Issue of PPOs and making entry of payment of Medical Allowance to Pensioners/ Family Pensioners

Ref: AIRF's letter No.AIRF/44(97) dated 19.4.2011
Complaints have been pouring in our office from the pensioners regarding non-payment of Medical Allowance along with Monthly Pension by the disbursing banks due to non-availability of entry for making payment of Medical Allowance in the PPOs. Banks are asking concerned pensioners to bring letters from their departments for making payment of Medical Allowance along with Monthly Pension.

Retiring employees had given options for joining RELHS before retirement. One month's contribution for becoming member of RELHS has been recovered by the administration from payment of settlement dues. They have been issued RELHS Card by the administration, but in the absence of any entry regarding payment of Medical Allowance in the PPOs, banks are refusing to make payment of Medical Allowance to a person who has recently retired on 30.11.2010. Individual employee has to go pillar to post for advising banks for making payment of Medical Allowance but this is not being done easily and takes lot of time in contacting persons from table to table and getting the work done.

In view of the above, it is felt necessary that the Headquarters office should issue necessary instructions to the DRMs/Sr. DFMs and CWMs of all the Zonal Railways and Production Units for getting entry of Medical Allowance payable to retiring employees after obtaining certificates of not availing Outdoor treatment from Railway Hospitals/Health Units. This will mitigate hardships of Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
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