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DC/JCM Meeting held on 04.05.2011
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DC/JCM Meeting held on 04.05.2011
All India Railwaymen's Federation
(Estd. 1924)
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

No.AIRF/DC/JCM/I/2011 Dated: May 8, 2011

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,

Dear Coms.,

Sub: Feedback on DC/JCM Meeting held on 4th May, 2010

1st DC/JCM Meeting of the year 2011 was held on 4th May, 2011, when the following decisions were arrived on DC/JCM Items:-

12/2009: Recognition of hospitals and tie-ups for Neuro surgery patients on Central Railway - The matter is under process.

25/2009: Pre-medical Examination - Relaxation for Loco Pilots declared with Type II Diabetes - Necessary orders have been issued vide Railway Board's letter No.2008/H/5/18 dated 3.5.2011.

14/2010: Medical facilities to the staff working at the road side stations and ganghuts - Official Side stated that 20 Mobile Vans, as announced by Hon'ble MR in her Rail Budget Speech, will cater the need of road side stations and ganghuts. Staff Side demanded that minimum one Mobile Van should be for one division.

23/2010: Granting of recognition to Lower Assam Hospital and Research Centre, Bongaigaon as Referral Hospital - Necessary orders have been issued vide Board's letter No.2009/H-1/11/16(NFR) dated 9.9.2010.

7/2004: Handing over Departmental Catering Units to private parties through IRCTC - Staff problems & 24/2004: Arbitrary handing over of Catering Establishment along with the staff to IRCTC - Staff those who are on deemed deputation and have been brought back to Railways, their restructuring will be done. After that, absorbees will be brought in with their original seniority. Minutes are under issue.

4/2009: Provision of ACs in the UTS Machine Offices on the suburban section - ACs will be provided in the offices of UTS Machine on suburban section of Mumbai as has been demanded by the Staff Side.

5/2009: Reservation in the trains for Running Staff - Amended letter will be issued.

20/2010: Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS Ticket/Rolls - Will be discussed in a separate meeting.

22/2010: Provision of adequate facilities for Ticket Checking Staff in the Rest Houses on the Zonal Railways -Joint Committee will be constituted to have joint inspection of TTEs Running Rooms meant for Running Staff. Cash will be deposited at the end of journey by the TTEs.

40/2001: Arbitrary reduction of incentive bonus to SEs and SSEs - withdrawal of Board's decision - urged - Will be discussed with the Member Mechanical, Railway Board.

16/2010: Linen management in trains - It has been agreed that Electrical Staff will continue to escort the trains.

18/2007: Formation of IT Cadre - Promotion opportunities to staff - After receipt of necessary information, meeting will be held.

5/2010: Continued payment of Constant Attendance Allowance during hospitalization - Ayah Allowance will be examined.

29/2010: Grant of ex-gratia payment to unmarried daughters of SRPF© optees beyond 25 years of age - Will be discussed in a separate meeting.

46/2001: Allotment of pay scale of Rs.3050-4590 to Khalasis/Khalasi Helpers of Track Machine Organization -Will be reviewed.

13/2004: Entitlement of Transport Allowance to Railway employees employed at cities classified as A-I' and A' - The matter will be referred to the MoF, mentioning Federations' contention.

25/2004: Denial of Allowance in lieu of Kilometerage(ALK) to medically de-categorised Drivers drafted to perform duties of Power/Crew Controller - Minutes are under issue.

16/2006: Justice to be administered to 55 Trackmen of Aimer Division of N.W. Railway - Necessary orders have been issued.

2/2010: Rates of Running Allowance for Loco & Traffic Running Staff - Will be discussed again.

11/2010: Rates of Stipend to Trainees/Apprentices on Railways - Will be discussed with the Member Staff, Railway Board.

24/2010: Grant of overtime to Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay scales and allowances - Further meeting will be held, but only after getting the letter. This had led to boycott of DC/JCM Meeting.

7/2006: Promotion against vacant posts in the diminishing cadre - relaxation of extant policy - requested -Promotion will be allowed.

27/2006: Relaxation of extant provisions for absorption of staff working in Quasi-Administrative Offices/Organizations connected with Railways - Will be discussed with the Member Staff, Railway Board.

3/2007: Promotion of serving non-science graduate to the post of CMS Gr. II in scale Rs.6500-10500 and CMS Gr. I in scale Rs.7450-11500 in the scientific organization - Will be discussed with the Member Mechanical, Railway Board.

6/2007: Employment assistance on compassionate grounds to wards of medically de-categorised staff - Matter has been discussed and it has been agreed by the Official Side to review it.

28/2007Railways - relaxation of conditions - Condition has already been relaxed and employment will be given.

2/009: Transfer of staff - Fresh letter will be issued.

23/2009: Denial of ad-hoc promotion to the employees of Construction Organisation - Staff Side shown its anguish. Official Side agreed to review the matter, particularly pension and other retirement dues on last pay drawn.

27/2009: Appointment on compassionate ground in the case of missing Railway employees - Case for extending limit for retention of Railway quarters - On the demand of Staff Side, Official Side agreed to regularize quarter after 2 2/1 years. Even then, Staff Side insisted for 3 years.

9/2010: Stationary equivalent pay scale for Running Staff - Allotment of comparable grades - Necessary orders have been issued.

12/2010: Disclosure of marks secured by the candidates in the Written Test held for Selection/LDCE for promotion - Marks will be disclosed on demand.

28/2010: Filling-up of posts in paramedical categories in group C' on contract basis - Extension for one more
year will be given.

30/2010: Compassionate appointment to the wards of Commission Vendors/Bearers found medically unfit for all categories - Appointment will be given to the wards of Commission Vendors.

8/2010: Eligibility for 1st Class/AC-2 Tier and AC-3 Tier Passes - Quasi-administrative offices staff will also be covered under these orders.

17/2010: Supply of branded quality cloth for the purpose of uniform to Railway employees - Separate meeting will be held with the MM and MS Railway Board.

3/2006: Implementation of negotiated settlement reached between the Federations and Railway Board - Will be discussed in a separate meeting.

33/98: Provision of adequate percentage of Leave Reserve for group D' employees - Will be discussed in a separate meeting.

Yours faithfully,

(Shiv Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary
05-09-2011 08:01 PM
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