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GMs' Conference on 01.06.2011
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GMs' Conference on 01.06.2011
All India Railwaymen's Federation
(Estd. 1924)
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

In the General Managers' Conference, held on 1st June, 2011 in Rail Bhawan, New Delhi, while welcoming the new MoSR and other MoSRs, Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary AIRF, narrated in brief the present scenario and the problems faced by the Indian Railways and stated that the projects worth Rs.1,50,000 crore are pending in the Indian Railways for the years together. The meager funds not more than Rs.20,000 crore is being allotted for these projects, which is sheer wastage of money because it is being utilized only for the salaries of the Railway officials concerned and allied staff. In the wake of Vision 2020, these projects must be reviewed and useless projects should be closed, which can save at least 20¬30 thousand crore rupees.

Shri Mishra asserted that any move for change of ownership of the Indian Railways or any part thereof the Indian Railways will be opposed by AIRF with all the might at its command. We are totally opposed to PPP as well as joint ventures, which may lead to privatization of the Indian Railways.

He further stated that the financial health of the Indian Railways is deteriorated day-by-day and and needs immediate attention, otherwise there is every possibility that after a few years we may land in economic crisis as is being faced by Air India today.

On account of financial crunch, there is crisis of funds to be invested for the development of Indian Railways, and there may be a situation where Railway Industry may face problems for wages of Railway employees and pension for the Railway pensioners.

He expressed utter surprise over the fact that the Indian Railways are incurring loss to the tune of Rs.20,000 crore per year on passenger traffic, which is increasing every year and next year it may be Rs.25,000 crore. He, therefore, opined that the Indian Railways should not be treated as holy cow and there is an urgent need of the day that passenger fare must be increased. He stated that steep price rise, increasing cost of fuel and maintenance are the factors which fully justify increase in passenger fare.

Shri Mishra stated that there must be a cap on the introduction of new trains until we have sufficient stock of new coaches. He further stated that due to non-availability of coaches, Railways are compelled to run with ineffective coaches, which is endangering safety of the Railways.

The General Secretary AIRF, Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, thanked the Railway Board for issuing orders for the payment of arrears of Overtime, constitution of High Powered Committee to review duty hours of Running and other staff of the Safety Categories, though after prolonged delay.
While endorsing his dissatisfaction, he stated that after intervention of the CRB and MS, meeting of the CRC has started, but insisted that there should not be any insistence on matching saving, as the same is not practicable in the Railways for the reasons repeatedly explained by AIRF.

He appreciated that various welfare measures, such as opening of schools, medical colleges, engineering colleges, etc. etc., for the wards of Railway employees, had been announced by Hon'ble Minister for Railways in her Rail Budget Speech but the progress in this regard is nil. These must be persuaded so that the efforts made in this regard are visible on the surface.

The General Secretary also added that, keeping in view health and medical facilities for Railway employees and their families, Hon'ble Minister for Railways in her Rail Budget announced introduction of Mobile Medical Vans for health check-up and providing medical facilities to the staff working at roadside stations and lot of money had been allotted for the same. But it has been given to understand that only 9 Mobile Medical Vans have been provided, which are insufficient. He requested that every division should have minimum one Mobile Medical Van.

Shri Mishra further stated that the scheme - "House for all Railway Employees", announced by the Hon'ble Minister for Railways in her Rail Budget, has not seen the light of the day. Demand of the Railwaymen that houses should be constructed on railway land is being side tracked and railway land is being sold to private parties for commercial purposes.

Though demand of AIRF was to cover all the employees in this scheme, but we are thankful to Hon'ble MR that she had at least announced inclusion of GP Rs.1900 for the purpose of LARSGESS in her Rail Budget on 25.2.2011, but unfortunately orders to this effect have not yet been issued by the Railway Board. He demanded that orders in this regard should be issued early.

He further stated that the appointment of wards of Railway employees under LARSGESS should be done, as is being done on the analogy of compassionate ground appointments. He also emphasized for relaxation in educational qualification(8th pass) for appointment under LARSGESS.

Referring to safety, he stated that more than two lakh vacancies are a potential danger to the safety of the Railways. He stated that only 16,000 posts have been filled from ex-servicemen. Though the cost of this manpower is much expensive but in any case we have been able to have some manpower.

We had discussed the issue of appointment of Substitutes with Ex. Hon'ble Minister for Railways, Ms Mamata Banerjee, who was kind enough for even making announcement in public that the wards of the Railway employees deserve appointment in the Railways and the demand of AIRF is quite genuine. Unfortunately, true spirit for the same has not been kept in view while issuing letter for the recruitment of Substitutes, and the orders issued by the Railway Board in this regard are creating lots of problems. Therefore, he demanded that this letter should be withdrawn immediately and all the GMs should be advised for the recruitment of 12% Substitutes, only from the wards of Railway employees.

Stressing for early redressal of the anomalies, sent to MoF by the Railway Ministry, he requested the MoSRs that immediate efforts should be made with the Finance Minister, so that these anomalies can be resolved at the earliest as all the categories of staff are very anxious, particularly on the issues of merger of Technicians GP Rs.2400 into Rs.2800, allotment of GP Rs.4200 to ASM in initial grade, allotment of GP Rs.4800 to Sr. Supervisors and others. Due to inordinate delay in resolving the anomalies, a lot of frustration is prevailing among lakhs of Railwaymen.

He further demanded that removal of GP Rs.2000 for the purpose of MACP Scheme should also be taken-up with the DoP&T on top priority; otherwise it should be resolved in-house.

He stated that though meeting of the Joint Committee on Package to Trackmen and their Career Progression has been fixed on 2nd June but wished that the outcome of the recommendations of the said committee should be implemented early.

He further stated that, though the Member Engineering, Railway Board, is very keen on improvement in the condition and maintenance of Railway quarters but their condition is very bad and needs immediate attention as well as sufficient funds.

He also demanded that the facility to travel in Duronto Express trains should also be extended to Railwaymen on the analogy of at least Rajdhani Express trains.

He assured the MoSRs as well as team of the Ministers, Railway Board officials and all the General Managers of his fullest cooperation and at the same time demanded for early redressal of the problems of the Railwaymen.

06-02-2011 10:17 PM
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