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RB's Comments on WCM Resolutions
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RB's Comments on WCM Resolutions
Government of India (Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Railways(Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)
New Delhi dated 10.06.2011

The General Secretary,
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi- 100 055

Dear Sir,

Sub: Resolution -Early settlement of long pending demands of the Railwaymen.
Please refer to your letter No.AIRF/24© (106) dated April 27, 2011 on the above cited subject. Position on the various issues raised in the 'Resolution' is sent herewith. A meeting in this regard was also held on 08.06.0211 in the chamber of Adviser(IR) wherein discussions were held! on various issues.

In view of above, Federation is requested to review their decision conveyed through the 'Resolution' passed in Working Committee of AIRF held in New Delhi on 25th April, 2011.

DA:As above

Yours faithfully,

(Nirman Tirkey)
Dy. Director,E(LR)II
Railwav Board

Annexure to Board's Letter No.2011/E(LR)III/REF/AIRF/5 dt. 10.06.2011

1. Fill-up all the vacant posts.
Comment: Arising and filling up of vacancies is a continuous process. Out of total 40,873 Group 'C' vacancies notified through Centralized Employment Notifications during 2010, written examination for about 36,000 vacancies including all Safety Categories has already been conducted and further recruitment activities are under process. Exams for balance notified vacancies are being scheduled.

2. Early recruitment of the Substitutes to tide over the present position (A1RF/24© dated 5th May 2010 and 1st October, 2010 and GS ATRF's D.O. letter No.AIRF/64 dated 20.12.2010 to the Member Staff, Railway Board).
Comment: Position will be furnished shortly.

3. Sanction additional posts in commensurate with the increase in the workload and stop surrendering of posts on thumb rule. There should not be binding of Matching Savings for creation of pots.
Comments:Currently Indian Railways is employing about 13.50 lakh staff who are carrying out various activities like train running, maintenance of track rolling stock, signals providing commercial services and other support functions.
In view of constant inputs of technology and changing traffic pattern, Railways have been carrying out rightsizing which involves identification of activities which have become redundant or reduced as well as ensuring that there is sufficient strength by way of manpower available for manning new/expanding activities.
Surrendering of posts is not indiscriminate. It is done based on careful analysis in non-essential/non safety posts and where there are surpluses due to introduction of new technology. The purpose is to generate matching savings for creation of posts for new assets/new activities so that the manpower can be used judiciously in view of its high cost, especially after introduction of the 6th Pay Commission Report. GMs are empowered to create posts for new works/assets and during 2009-10 and 2010-11 about 13,000 and 13,000 and 19,000 additional posts respectively have been created.
Department of Expenditure, vide their OM dated 17.09.2007 and further reiteration vide OM dated 07.09.2009, have stated that creation of posts should be done through matching savings only. It is thus necessary that posts should be created with matching surrenders only.

4. Stop outsourcing of perennial nature job by way of Public-Private Partnership or any such method and all perennial nature works should be done departmentally.
Comment: Position will be furnished shortly.

5. Appoint High-Powered Committee, as agreed during strike negotiation in February, 2006, to review duty hours of the Running Staff and the staff working in Safety Categories. There must not be more than eight hour-duty to any category of staff, and in case of duty hours classified as 'Intensive', the duty hours must not be beyond six hours.

6. Take steps to limit duty hours, improve Human Resource in the Indian Railways, ensure supply of good quality and required quantity of spare parts/spare units to ensure safety of the travelling public. There should be no enhancement in the duty hours.
Comment:High Power Committee to review the duty hour of running & other safety categories of staff has been constituted vide Railway Board's order ERB/2011/18dt 25.5.2011.

7. Ensure all round improvement in training institutes and take steps to motivate trainers and trainees.
Comment: The Indian railways is continuously evolving methods to increase the existing skill of the work force, with a view to make them, competitive and also to prepare them for future requirement. The safety category staff undergoes training once in 3 years and the others are sent once in 5 years. Apart from the refresher course they also undergo specialized training with the latest technologic developments/know-how and in some cases through the supplier in case of Transfer of Technology (TOT).
Railways are in the process of enhancing the capacity of the training centres by way of up upgrading them and through setting up of multi-disciplinary training centres.
As per the extant orders, trainers are provided 15% Training allowance and are permitted to purchase books worth Rs.400/- every quarter. The instructors/trainers are also sent for skill enhancing training like "Training of Trainers" or/and "Design of Training" courses. Further suggestions have been sought from both the recognized Federations for -improvement of Training Centres.

8. Remove all the anomalies arising out of recommendations of the VI CPC.
9. Immediate settlement of recommendations of the Department anomaly committee pending with the DoP&T/MoF.
Comment: The pay structure of Central Government employees including Railway employees is based on the recommendations of Central Pay Commission as accepted by the Government. Further, as per the decision of the Government in terms of an agreement with the staff side of National Council of JCM, Anomaly Committees consisting of representatives of official side & staff side have been set up at National level & Departmental level to consider anomalies arising out of implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commission's recommendations as per the terms and conditions laid down by DOP&T and referred by Secretary, Staff side. Further, National Anomaly Committee will deal with anomalies common to two or more departments and in respect of common categories of employees. The Departmental Anomaly Committee will deal with anomalies pertaining exclusively to the department concerned and having no repercussions on the employees of another Ministry/Department. Accordingly, Departmental Anomaly committee has been set up for Railways. The recommendations of the Departmental Anomaly Committee are subject to the approval of the Government. The tenure of the Committee has been extended upto 30.09.2011. The next meeting out of series of meetings of the Committee is likely to be held shortly.

10. Complete Cadre Restructuring Exercise without putting the condition of "Matching Savings".
Comment: Post 6th CPC, a fresh cadre restructuring exercise has been initiated for Group 'C categories on railways/Pus etc. This is a mammoth exercise, generally undertaken in the interregnum between the two successive Pay Commissions and involves a comprehensive review of the major categories on Railways before finalization of recommendations by the Cadre Restructuring Committee (which includes representatives of Staff Side) and is to be financially neutral. The next meeting out of series of meeting of the Committee is fixed for 28.6.2011.

11. Improve rates of Running/Kilometreage Allowance and pay scales of Loco & Traffic Running Staff as also their working conditions.
12. Pay the arrears of Running Allowance to Loco & Traffic Rwining Staff w.e.f. 1.1.2006.
Comment: This issue is being separately discussed with both federations. Last meeting was held between AIRF and AM/Staff on 8.06.11

13. Merge the grade pay of Technicians Grade-ITCGP Rs.2400) with Technicians Grade-I(GP Rs.2800)
14. Allot Grade Pay of Rs,4800 to all the Senior Supervisors.
Comment: Same as 8 & 9

15. Early upgradation of 15% apex level group 'C' posts to group 'B' posts (AlRFs PNM item No.5/2006 and DC/JCM Item No.1672009.
Commens: The issue is under consideration/discussion with federations.

16. Absorb/regularize all the quasi-administrative staff in group 'D' posts in the Railways. (AlRF's letter No.D.O.No.AIRF/24© dated 01.10.2010 and No.AIRF/DC/JCM/27/2006 dated 2.11.2010 to the Member Staff, Railway Board), No.AIRF/446 dated 26.2.2011 and DC/JCM Items No.3/2006 and 27/2006).
Comment: The matter is under examination

17. Widen promotional prospects and grant Special Package to the Gangmen/Trackmen, Keymen, Mate. They should be provided with accommodation facilities near the railway stations. Improve uniform of the Trackman with provision of two pair of shoes every year as well as Washing Allowance. Payment of adequate honorarium to all the Gatemen.
Comment: s a matter of policy, Washing Allowance is exclusively meant for Gr. 'D' staff and is admissible only to a few selected categories with the exception of Staff Car Drivers and Dressers/Operation Theatre Assistants, who are in Gr.'C.
Recently, the issue of grant of Washing allowance to all the categories, who are supplied with uniforms, was considered, but Board did not agree to add any new category for grant of this allowance except the category of safaiwalas working in Railwav Colonies.

18. LARSGESS should be liberalized and extend to all the categories of the Railwaymen and recruitment qualification in Grade Pay Rs.1800 be kept VIII class pass.
Comment: A proposal to further expand the scope of LARSGESS to cover all safety categories of staff up to Grade pay of Rs.1900/- has been approved by the Board/MR and announcement to this effect has also been made by the Hon'ble MR in the Budget Speech 2011-12. As a result of this enhancement in the existing criteria of Grade Pay, a large number of Group 'C employees in safety categories would be brought under the purview of the scheme. Further expansion of this scheme to cover all the Railwaymen would not be feasible. Process for identification of the safety categories in Grade Pay of Rs.1900/- qualifying for the expanded scope of LARSGESS is under way.
Recruitment of wards under the scheme in Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- is akin to difecTrecruitment. As such the minimum educational qualifications have been prescribed for recruitment of wards in the Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- under the scheme. Earlier this qualification was 8th pass, but it has now been revised to matriculation for recruitment of wards in Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- As such this qualification can not be lowered to 8th pass incase of recruitment of safety categories only in Grade Pay of Rs.1800/-

19. Improve condition of railway quarters and railway colonies as also Running Rooms/Rest rooms and provide adequate fund for the same. Also provide Maintenance Allowance for petty repairs, white washing and painting of railway quarters.
Comment:A meeting of the Staff Federations (NFIR/AIRF) with Board (ME) on improving the maintenance of Railway quarters/colonies and provision of maintenance allowance for petty repairs, white washing and painting of Railway quarters were discussed. During the meeting five thrust areas regarding Consequent to the meeting, the following action has been taken:
(i) Detailed instructions have been issued to the Zonal Railways vide Board's letter No.2011 /LMB/10/3 dated 05.04.11 for compliance of instructions issued from time to time regarding proper maintenance of staff quarters duly indicating the thrust areas as water supply, non-leaky roof/walls, proper doors/windows, proper sewerage and
sanitary arrangements and proper drainage.
(ii) The practice of 'maintenance allowance' is not being followed in other Central Govt. dept./organizations dealing with large number of staff quarters like CPWD, Army, BSNL, BRO. The concept of 'maintenance allowance' being a new and innovative concept, the suggestion has been
referred to 6 Zonal Railways vide letter No. 2009/LMB29/6 Pt. dated 04.05.11, directing them to examine the proposal in consultation with associate Finance and offer their remarks on the same within a month's time.

20. Implement 21-day roster for the employees of Track Machine Organisation
Comment: Information regarding implementation of 3 week roster has been collected from Railways. Six Railways (Eastern, East Central Northern, south Central, Southeast Central and" South Western Railway have implemented the instructions and on the remaining railways, efforts are being made to fill up the vacancies for implementing the roster.

21. Pay the arrears of Overtime Allowance w.e.f. 1.1.2006. i.e. from the date their pay scales were revised.(DC/JCM item No.24/2010).
Comment: Orders issued vide letter dated 20.5.2011

22. Early implementation of recommendations of Group 'D' Staff Promotion Committee (Ansari Committee). (AIRF's letter No.AIRF/483(336) dated 1st October 2008).
Comment: Position will be furnished shortly.
23. 8th Pass educational qualification for the purpose of appointment against compassionate ground and Scout and Cultural Quota (AIRF/64 dated 4.1.2011)
Comment: Position will be furnished shortly.

24. Daily Allowance to Staff Car Driver(AlRF's letter No.AIRF/97(xxvi)91 and PNM Item No.5/2009).
Comment: The matter is under examination in Board's Office.

25. Withdrawal of Railway Board's letter No.F(E)IIl 2007/PNl/4'dated 19.8.2010 so that employees working in the Construction Organizations can draw their settlement dues based on the last pay drawn. (AIRF's PNM item No.43/2002 and 7/2009).
Comment: Orders have been issued vide letter No. F(E)IIl2007/PNI/4 dl.09.06.2011

26. Payment of Washing Allowance to all those staff who are getting uniforms(AIRF's PNM item No.48/2006).
Comment: As per minutes, staff side stated that "all the employees who are in Grade Pay upto Rs.2000 may be granted washing allowance for the time being and others may be brought on to the fold gradually. The item needs to be examined further.' The matter is under examination in
Board's Office

27. Pay Transport Allowance to the staff of Rayanapadu and Jamalpur Workshop(DcJCM Item No.27/2010).
Comment: The issue is under consideration.

28. Reimbursement of medical expenses (AIRF's PNM Item No.55/2006 and 18,2008 and DC/JCM Item No.24/2G09) Children Education Allowance-Hostel Subsidy etc. (DC/JCM Item No.3/2010 and Transport Allowance).
Comment: Position will be furnished shortly

29. 30% Training Allowance to lnstructors(AIRF's PNM No.23/2010 and DCJCM Item No. 19/2010).
Comment: Consequent upon the acceptance of recommendations of VI th Pay Commission OM No.13024/1/2008-Trgf.1 dated 5th September 2008, training allowance has been raised to 30% of the basic pay (i.e. pay drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable grade pay but does not include any other type of pay like special pay, etc.), for trainers working as faculty members, other than permanent faculty, in the National/Central Training Academies and Institutes for Group 'A' officers, and for other training establishments, the rate of training allowance will remain unchanged.
The matter had been taken up with the DOP&T who have now advised that increase of training allowance may be done in consultation with the Ministry of Railway's associate finance. The matter is under active consideration.

30. Early repatriation and Cadre Restructuring of the staff who are on deemed deputation in IRCTC to the Railway Catering Units (AIRFs PNM Item No.56/2006).
Comment: In compliance of Estt Dte. Board's letter No.ECNG)-I/2003/TR/10 dt. 31.3.2003, 18.1.10 and 7.9.2010. MD/IRCTC & Zonal Railways were directed that those staff who do not want to continue in IRCTC and want to come back in their Railways may repatriate to Railways & Railways may issue them offer of appointment as per option exercised by them.
As per catering policy, 2010, the catering activities has to be managed by Indian Railways departmemally, hence Establishment Directorate of Railway Board vide their letter No.E(NG)I/2003/TR/10 dated 7.9.10 GM Railways has been advised that the remaining railway catering staff who are working as deemed deputationist in IRCTC and are awaiting their posting order by Railways may immediately be relieved by IRCTC and railway may avail their services in Catering activities by keeping them on supernumerary posts till further order is issued and norms for filling up are decided.
Further vide Board's letter No.E(NG)l/2003/TR/I0 dated 28,12,10 restored approximately 5269 posts (1284 Gr. 'C' & 3985 Gr.'D') has been issued and accordingly the catering cadre has been restored over the Railways. In compliance of above so far 1094 staff have exercised option, among them only 818 have joined the catering Department of Railways.
Presently catering services over Railways is being managed by Railways through 1589 Railway catering staff. At present 53 (41 Gr.'C' & 12 Gr. 'D') Railway staff on deputation are working in IRCTC which are yet to be relieved by them. These staff are presently being utilized to manage departmental catering units which are still with IRCTC. Once these left out units are taken over by the Railways, the same were repatriated to Railways by IRCTC.

31. Regularization of Casual Labours waiting in the Live Register(GS AIRF's D.O. letter No.AlRF/PNM/20/2006 dated 23rd ApriJ 2010 and AIRF's PNM Item No.20/2006).
Comment: Instructions have been issued to Zonal Railways vide Board's letter dated 2.12.2008.

32. Revision of rates of Patient Care Allowance, Risk allowance w.e.f. 1.1.2006
Comment: The VI CPC had recommended introduction of -Risk—Insurance—Scheme- in place of Risk Allowance/ Hospital Patient Care Allowance/ Patient Care Allowance, which has been accepted by the Government. In view of this, the rates of ! Risk allowance/Hospital patient Care allowance/Patient Care Allowance were not revised. The Risk Insurance Scheme has not been implemented on the railways as the same has yet to be formulated by the Government, However, the categories of staff eligible for receipt of these allowances are being paid at prevalent rate.
Further, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the nodal Ministry in matters relating to grant of Hospital Patient Care allowance/Patient Care allowance. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have not revised the rates of HPCA/PCA: therefore the Ministry of Railways cannot take a unilateral decision in the matter.

33.Removal of anomaly in the annual increment to the employees drawing increment from February to June 2006.
Comment: Consequent upon implementation of recommendation of 6th CPC as accepted bv Government, the revised pay rules viz. Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 have been notified based on CCS(Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 notified by Ministry of Finance. Rule 10 of these Rules inter-alia provide that there will be a uniform date of annual increment. Viz. 1st July of every year. Employees completing 6 months and above in the revised pay structure as on lst July will be eligible to be granted the increment. No further instructions has been received from the Nodal Ministry.

34. Stop selling of railway land to private builders in die name of commercial exploitation of railway land, e.g. Parsvnath Group in Delhi.
Comment: Position will be furnished shortly.

35. Ensure safety of railway employees from accidents and physical attacks and the safety of the Railwaymen working in vulnerable areas.
Cmment: Position will be furnished shortly.

36. Scrap New Pension Scheme
Comment: The Government of India in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, issued notification dated 22.12.2003 for implementation of a new restructured defined contribution pension system for new entrants to Central Government service except Armed Forces replacing the existing system of defined pension system. The new pension system is applicable to all new recruits to Central Government, including railways, from 1st January, 2004. Since this is a decision of Central Government in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Railways cannot take any unilateral decision to withdraw the same.
06-10-2011 11:07 PM
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