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CMT Staff Recruitment Grades
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CMT Staff Recruitment Grades
All India Railwaymen's Federation
(Estd. 1924)
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

D.O.No.AIRF/341(164) Dated: July 7. 2011

Dear Shri Sharma Ji,

Sub: Implementation of recommendations of 6lh CPC - Merger of grades - Revised classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts

This is to draw your kind attention towards the above subject matter resting with your good offices under AIRF's correspondence vide letter of even number dated 10.6.2009 followed by reminder dated 8.5.2011. You may recall that this issue has been discussed in detail with you on a number of occasions and recently I had a discussion with the EDE(N) on 6.7.2011 as well.

As pointed out earlier, in case of Chemical and Metallurgical Wing under Mechanical Department, there used to be two different Entry Grades with separate sets of recruitment qualification, i.e. (a) CMA-II, 50% Direct Recruitment with B.Sc.(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) having minimum 45% marks; (b) CMA-I, 66 2/3% Direct Recruitment with B.E.(Metallurgy/Chemical Engineering) or M.Sc.(Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry) before the VI CPC.

Consequent upon implementation of recommendations of VI CPC, two pre-revised grades of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000 have been replaced by one merged grade, PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200 w.e.f. 1.1.2006. While revising recruitment and Promotional Rules, Railway Board have proposed 66 2/3% Direct Recruitment in this merged grade with the qualification of BE.(Metallurgy/Chemical Engineering) or M.Sc.(Chemistry/Applied Chemistry) which is not justified because this will result in serious disparity vis-a-vis other technical disciplines of the Railways. It may also be appreciated that Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates of Science, if recruited in lower grade of PB-2, Grade Pay Rs.4200 shall be subjected to unfair discrimination and this will generate avoidable frustration among them as their counterparts are recruited in PB-2 and Grade Pay Rs.4600 in all technical disciplines like Mechanical, Electrical. Civil Engineering and S&T etc. The VI CPC in para 3.4.7 of their report has as well recommended that Engineering Graduate should be placed in PB-II GP Rs.4600. But in the case of CMT Staff, this aspect has also not been taken care of.

It would, therefore, be fairly appropriate that there should be two stages of recruitment in Chemical and Metallurgical Wing, i.e. in PB-2 Grade Pay Rs.4200 with the qualification of B.Sc.(Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) having minimum 45% marks or Diploma in appropriate subject and PB-2 Grade Pay Rs.4600 with the qualification of B.E.(Metallurgy/Chemical Engineering)/M.Sc.(Chemistry/Applied Chemistry)/M.Sc. (Physics) with a view to maintaining broader parity with other technical wings.

I would, therefore, request you to personally intervene in the matter so that necessary instructions on the subject as requested above are issued without further loss of time as this is generating deep sense of frustration among the staff concerned.

With regard!


Shiv Gopal Mishra

Shri P.K. Sharma,
Addl. Member(Staff),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Copy to:

EDE(N), Railway Board, New Delhi for necessary action please.

General Secretaries, all affiliated unions - for information.
07-07-2011 09:50 PM
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RE: CMT Staff Recruitment Grades
It is learned that M&C Directorate/RDSO has recommended to RB vide letter no: ED/M&C/Cadre dt.04.07.2011, the following Direct Recruitment Qualifications in C&M Organisation:
CMA: MSc(Chemistry/Applied Chemistry)
CMS: Degree in Engineering(Chemical/Metallurgy)

The above recommendations are malicious and biased and against the recommendation of SCPC vide para 3.5.7:
“The Fifth CPC had recommended parity between posts of scientific staff carrying minimum qualifications of engineering degree and a postgraduate degree with the scale of Rs.6500-10500 being recommended for these posts. This relativity, wherever already conceded, may need to be continued in light of the fact that this Commission has recommended placement of all posts carrying minimum direct recruitment qualifications of a degree in engineering in pay band PB-2 of Rs 8700-34800 along with grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs 7450-11500”.

Both MScs and BE/BTechs were hitherto recruited as CMA-Is in pre-revised scale of 5500-9000. Actually MSc candidates put in more no. of years of study(10+2+3+2=17) and are more exposed to Laboratory Technics than BE/BTechs who put in less no. of years of study(10+2+4=16). Hence, it will be injustice to recruit MScs in lower grade of CMA and recruit BE/BTechs in higher grade of CMS.
It is another injustice that BScs(Chemistry/Physics) have been left out of recruitment whereas they were hitherto recruited as CMA-IIs in pre-revised scale of 5000-8000.

Hence, it is requested to protest against the recommendations of M&C Directorate/RDSO regarding Direct Recruitment Qualifications in C&M Organisation and demand as follows:
CMA: BSc(Chemistry/Physics)
CMS: MSc(Chemistry/Applied Chemistry) or Degree in Engineering(Chemical/Metallurgy)
10-13-2011 07:42 PM
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