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Pending Demands of the Railwaymen
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Pending Demands of the Railwaymen
All India Railwaymen's Federation
(Estd. 1924)
4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

DO. No. AIRF/24 © Dated July 15, 2011

Dear Shri Dinesh Trivedi Jj

Sub: Long pending demands of the Railwaymen

As I have already explained to you while greeting you in Rail Bhawan that the Railwaymen expect some quick relief, particularly on the issues which have been initiated by earlier Hon'ble Minister for Railways, Ms Mamata Banerjee.

I just want to draw your kind attention on the following long pending issues with the hope that these will be resolved at an earliest.
1. LARSGESS - This scheme was launched by the Railways with a view that those employees who cannot work will retire voluntarily and their wards will be recruited in the Railways. Many a times we have raised this issue in various Fora that the recruitment against LARSGESS should be treated at par with compassionate ground appointment, but unfortunately up till now nothing has been done in this regard, with the result, the scheme, which brought lot of cheer and motivation in the mind of the Railwaymen, has now become null and void and the Railwaymen are now getting frustrated because of lots of riders on the implementation of this scheme. It is, therefore, requested that immediate orders should be issued to the Railways to treat LARSGESS at par with compassionate ground appointment.
2. Payment of arrears of Running Allowance w.e.f. 1.1.2006, improvement in ALK and 25% increase in the rate of Mileage due to enhancement in the DA(reaching 51%) - These issues are pending since long, though being negotiated at the highest level in DC/JCM Forum, but needs early redressal to avoid discontentment among the Running Staff.
3. Removal of Departmental Anomalies - Departmental Anomalies were unanimously agreed by the Railway Board and the same were referred to MoF by the Railway Ministry, but unfortunately nothing has been done in this regard. These should be addressed early.
4. Recruitment of Substitutes in the Railways - One of the long pending demands of AIRF is, the wards of the Railwaymen should be recruited as "Substitutes" in the Railways. Unfortunately, orders to this effect have been issued in such a way by the Railway Board, that no General Manager is implementing the same. Hence, it is requested that suitable amendments should be made in the orders of the Railway Board so that wards of the Railwaymen are given priority while recruiting as Substitute.
5. Absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff in the Railways - The issue of absorption of quasi-administrative offices staff in the Railways was raised by the AIRF several times in various negotiating Fora with the Railway Board but unfortunately nothing has been done in the matter. If these staff are absorbed in the Railways, this will enable the Railways in having trained manpower.
6. Implementation of various Welfare Schemes announced by earlier Hon'ble MR in her Rail Budget - Ms Mamata Banerjee, Ex. Hon'ble Minister for Railways, in her Rail Budget had announced various Welfare Schemes for Railway employees and their wards, such as - opening of Nursing Schools, Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, Kendriya Vidyalas, houses for all the Railway employees, extension of medical facilities to both dependent father and mother of railway employees, setting up of a Railway Vldyalaya Prabandhan Board to improve the quality of education to children studying in Railway Schools. The progress is very tardy and to create confidence among the Railwaymen, the process of implementation of such welfare schemes should be accelerated.
7. Provision of Privilege Pass facility for parents of Railway employees - At present, Indian Railways give Privilege Pass facility only to the widow mother of the Railway employees. This facility should be extended to the parents of Railway employees in line with PSUs, such as Air India, who offers this facility even to blood relatives of the employees.

I hope that the above long pending demands of AIRF will definitely receive your sympathetic consideration these will be addressed early.

With kind regards!
Yours sincerely,

(Shiv Gopal Mishra)

Shri Dinesh Trivedi,
Hon'ble Minister for Railways Ministry of Railways,
Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi
07-17-2011 06:19 AM
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