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Running Staff Issues
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Running Staff Issues
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
Affiliated to :Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC)
lnternational Transport Workers' Federation( lTF)

No lV/RSAC/Co n/fl l Dated - 24 10-2011


Special Meeting held with the Railway Board on 24th October, 2011 lssues:
1) DC/JCM ltem 212010 - Rates of Running Allowances for Loco & Traffic Running Staff
At the outset, NFIR stated that as a result of discussion in the Joint Committee Meeting held in 4th November, 2008, the 30%, and 55% pay element has been continued undisturbed. However while retaining the pay element, the Board had doubled the
kilometerage rates existed then but the T.A. rates got revised by over 3 times later on, causing serious anomaly in kilometerage rates .
(II) In the today's special Meeting (24th Octobcr, 2011 at Rail Bhawan, New Delhi), the aberrations and depression of Kilometerage rates, date of effect were again pointed out by NFIR and urged that the proposal placed in the earlier meeting
held on 24th June,2011 should be considered p o s i t i v e l y .

NFIR's proposal dated June 24,2011 given below in brief :
a) Since the pay component is inbuilt in RAC 1980 Formula for calculation o f kilometerage allowances, the rates as on 01-01-2006 should have been revised duly multiplying the mean scale of Passenger Pilot/Guard with the Vlth CPC fixation factor of 2.118 and correspondingly rates should have been fixed with the then
existing T.A. ratos and National Average kilometer for all categories of Running Staff.
b) As on 01-09-2008, thc revised KMA rates as per (a) above should have been doubled
c) The revised kilometerage rates as per (b) above are due for upward revision by 25% w.e.f . 01-01-2011 , as D.A. had crossed 50% as on that date.
(III) ln the meeting held today (24th October,2O11), the Railway Board expressed reservations for accepting the proposal, but however agreed in principle that a way has to bc found for revision of kilometcrage rates. Consequently, it was agreed to study the issue in detail and meet the Fcderation with certain options on
11 - 11- 2011
2) Grant of Additional Allowance in favour of Loco and Traffic Running Staff, extension of recommendation of Vlth CPC (all Grades Pay) DC/JCM ltem No. 1 B/2009.
AM (Staff) stated that the issue has been referred to Mrnistry of Finance and decision is still awaited. NFIR has however urged that the matter should got expedited.
3) Denial of Allowance in lieu of Kilometerage (At-K) to the Medically decategorised Drivers drafted to continue duties Power/Crew Controllers DC/JCM ltem No.25/2004
Railway Board pointed out that orders have been issued vide RBE 138/2011 dated 05-10-2 0 1 1 which details the procedure for fixation of pay in super numerary posts.
NFIR did not agree to the above reply and stated that thc issuc dealt in the
DC/JCM Meeting is entirely different. After lengthy disctrssion, it was decided to convene a meeting between the Adviser(Finance) and AM (Mechanical) and Federation on 11-11-2011 to resolve the issue .
4) Medically decategorised Asstt. Loco Pilots Grant of alternative posts in appropriate Grade Pay - NFIR PN ltem No.7/2010.
Railway Board stated that the issue is under consideration. The points raised by NFIR in its letter No lV/RSAC/Co n f . /II dated 23-06-2011 is being examined by the Railway Board.
5) Re-structuring of Running Staff
Will be dealt in the ensuing Cadre Restructuring Meetings .
Fixation of pay and rule 1313( 1) (aX1) (erstwhile FR 22-C)t o the staff promoted to the identical scales of pay carrying higher duties and responsibilities DC/JCM Item No.14/2OO7
Board stated that the matter has been referred to Ministry of Finance for consideration. EDPC-l explained that the Board had sent reminder and also pursuing the matter.
7) Counting of 3O% pay element for entitlement of AC pass for Sr.ALP and ALP(Shunt ing)- Grade Pay Rs.24OO/-- NFIR's letters No. 1/15 Pt . l dated 30-03-2O11& 23-06-2011 to the Railway Board.
Board assured that the points raised by NFIR are being considered. NFIR specially urged Adviser(lR) to see that the issue is finalized, since the calendar year is coming to a close and the category of Loco Pilot (Shunting) & Sr.ALPs are unable to utilize their privilege pass in higher class due to lack of instructions from the Board, while on some zoncs A/C passes are issucd. lt was agreed to expedite.
8) Merger of Dearness Allowance equal to 50% of basic pay w.e.f 01-04-2004 - Reckoning as pay for running staff - NFIR DC/JCM ltem No. 15/2009.
No finality. lssue is yet to be resolved .
In the special meeting Official Side was represented by AM (Staff). Adviser ( l R ) , EDPC-l and EDE (N). On behalf of NFIR, S/Shri Guman Singh, President, M.Raghavaiah, General Secretary, R .P.Bhatnagar Working President, J .G.Mahurkar& K.S.Murty ,Vice
Presidents ,B .C.Sharma ,J t . General Secretary , V.Gopalakrishnan, Zonal Secretary have participated in the discussion.
General Secretary

Copy to General Secretaries of Zonal Unionsof NFIR for information and neccssary action.
10-29-2011 06:43 AM
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