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Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.5400 to Section Engineers & Senior Section Engineers
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Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.5400 to Section Engineers & Senior Section Engineers

(Estd. 1965, Regd. No.1329, Website )
C Hq 32, Phase 6, Mohali, Chandigarh-160055.
(Ph:0172-2228306, 931613159)
No. IRTSA/ Memo/MoF/ 01-2010(GP) Dated: 22.01.2010

Shri Pranab Mukherjee,
Hon’ble Minister of Finance,
Government of India,
North Block, New Delhi.

(For kind attention of Secretary, Deptt. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi).

Respected Sir,

Subject: Appeal for: a) Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.5400 to Section Engineers & Senior Section Engineers (in pre revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 & Rs.7450-11500) on Railways; and
b) Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4800 to Junior Engineers (in the pre-revised scale of Rs.5000-8000 & Rs.5500-9000) on Railways.
Reference:-i) Gazette notification No..470, Ministry of Finance G.S.R. 622(E) dated 29-8- 2008
ii) Railway Service (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 (RBE 103, RBE 108, RBE 124)

1. We seek your kind intervention - since we have not been able get justice so far inspite of numerous representations at various levels - in respect of serious injustice done to the Engineers / Technical Supervisors on Railways by the Sixth Pay Commission and as notified vide orders cited above.

2. Engineers / Technical Supervisors on Railways (in the Pre-revised scales of Rs 5000-8000, Rs 5500-9000, Rs 6500-10500 & Rs 7450-11500) have been placed in PB 2 Rs 9300-34800 & granted Grade Pay of Rs 4200 & Rs 4600 on the Railways – (which are even lower than the Staff of Accounts Department on Railways & elsewhere – who are a supporting staff and who had all along been in lower Pay scales than the Technical Supervisors on the Railways) - thus disturbing the ‘Horizontal Parity ‘ as well as the ‘Vertical relativity’.

3. As frontline Managers Technical Supervisors on the Railways are responsible for safe & efficient running of trains – supervising & managing a large work force of Technicians & Senior Technicians (Master Craftsmen) and other Staff engaged in the production, repair and maintenance of Rolling Stock, Locomotives, allied Machinery, Plants, Equipments and other valuable Assets of the Railways which are expanding & being continuously modernised.

4. Technical Supervisors manage and ensure complete and absolute safety and optimum efficiency of train services – at times even without the requisite facilities and staff.

5. Technical Supervisors working in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering and S&T Departments have not only to ensue but also to “Certify the Fitness” of the Rolling Stocks, Locomotives, (P-way) Tracks, Bridges, Signal & Telecommunication equipments etc.

6. Responsibility of implementing Modernizations in the Railway system to improve its productivity and safety performance is directly borne by this nerve category. Educating, training and extracting work from the huge workforce is carried out by this category, which is having direct bearing on safe & punctual running of trains.

7. IRTSA has constantly been representing to all concerned against the injustice done by the administration and especially by the last two Pay Commissions – creating anomalies and disparities in their Reports. But still no relief has yet been provided.

8. Sixth Pay Commission had compounded the injustice meted to the Rail Engineers / Technical Supervisors - by treating them even lower than the Nurses & the Accounts Staff - inspite of ‘higher professional qualifications’, ‘longer training period’ & ‘greater responsibilities’ as well accountability towards public safety and efficiency of the Railways. This continuous neglect had greatly perturbed and frustrated the Rail Engineers / Technical Supervisors.

9. If the pay scales / Grade Pay of this vital category of Technical Supervisors, which is having direct responsibility in safe and efficient running of trains, are kept lower than that of pay scales of the categories like Accounts Staff - which are having supportive roles. This is bound to adversely affect their efficiency and in turn that of the Railways. This humiliation needs to be removed & redressed early.

10. Factors contributing to the perpetration of injustice with the Engineers / Technical Supervisors on the Railways:
i) Higher recruitment qualification, longer initial training, higher responsibilities shouldered by these categories in the core activity of Railways have been ignored by 6th Pay Commission & the Government while deciding the Grade Pay of Technical Supervisors (Junior Engineers, Section Engineers & Senior Section Engineer on the Railways) - (as per details submitted in Annexure I to IV).

ii) Existing relativity has been disturbed vis-à-vis Accounts Staff & Para-Medical (Nursing Cadre) inspite of higher qualifications and longer period of training and intensive job requirements – involving public safety and efficiency of the Railways.

iii) Fifth CPC had denied application of multiple factor of 3.25 only to S 13 scale. If the same common multiple factor of 3.25 was applied by the Fifth CPC to the scale of SSE (S-13), they should have been given the Pay scale of Rs 8000-13500 by the Fifth CPC and consequently their grade pay would have been Rs 5400 after the Sixth CPC.

iv) Ratio between Minimum Pay of Group D to Minimum Pay of Senior Section Engineers had fallen from 4.28 after Third Pay Commission to only 2.63 after Sixth CPC,

v) Junior Engineers have at present unjustly been given the same Grade
Pay of Rs 4200 at par with Master Craftsman / Senior Technicians – even though they supervise the MCM (Master Craftsman / Senior Technicians). This has greatly disturbed the vertical relativity in the cadre hierarchy and violated the law of natural justice by equating the Supervisor with the Supervised and placing the feeder and promotional posts in the same pay scale.

vi) Increase in Duties & responsibilities of Technical Supervisors due to modernization, introduction of high speed trains & numerous other factors have all been ignored. Including technological advancements in Railway Engineering, greater application of sophisticated skill, safety & intensive supervision by the Technical Supervisors on the Railways for production, repair and maintenance of Locos, Coaches, Wagons, Signaling, P-Way, Works and Bridges etc.

vii) While for other categories the work has eased due to modernization, the duties and responsibilities of the Technical Supervisors had increased manifold.

11. It is, therefore, requested that:

a) Section Engineers & Senior Section Engineers, (in the pre-revised scale of Rs 6500-10500 & Rs 7400-11500) be granted the Grade Pay of Rs 5400 and

b) Junior Engineers and (in the pre-revised scale of Rs 5000-8000 & Rs 5500-9000) may please be granted the Grade Pay of Rs 4800.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Harchandan Singh),
General Secretary, IRTSA

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01-23-2010 03:04 PM
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